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The battle between the Spider and the Wolf!!

By D-Architect
- This a drawing of two of my favourite Marvel characters, Superior Spider-Man and Wolverine, about to engange in a fight

- Color pencils over pencil and pen drawing
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© 2013 - 2021 D-Architect
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Awesome perspective, poses, style, and scene!
Falken02's avatar
Whoa very nice job
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Title-wise, you know that wolves and wolverines are kinda entirely different, right?
is that the version of spiderman were he has claws long spider arms and is switched bodies with doc oct
Falken02's avatar
You just mean "Superior Spider-man"
walternonames's avatar
Beautiful rendering style!
Nazaru's avatar
Putting aside I don't like "Superior" Spiderman, Wolverines are related to weasels, not wolves.
henrikb's avatar
cool pic - but hes not a wolf - he's a Wolverine ;) but VERY NICE PIC if you missed me saying it the first time ;)
I would usually root for spidey in this fight since I'm a big fan-boy of his. But I want Logan to win this one because I despise Otto for what he did.
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Traditional, my first love.
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Cool I like the perspective layout and composition.
manalangmitra's avatar
Awesome Costumes for them both =D Great job =D
Zeryo9's avatar
The color and detail is Amazing, really love the overall style of this!
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Tank you so much!
Zeryo9's avatar
You are most welcome!
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Nice tight pencils
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