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  Wake up, roll out of bed, get coffee.  I am already thinking too hard about writing this, I shouldn't.  It's against the rules of the morning pages, but I am writing this for public viewing so I am already breaking rules.  First thing in the morning.  Oh well, mainly its best to have a time constraint on writing because otherwise, it turns into an all-day affair, and I really have other things to be working on.  
  Cleaned up the craft room, it sounds better calling it a studio, but really it's just a room in my house.  But it's a little more organized now, it has good light in here.  Could stand to be a bigger area, but then I know for a fact, I would find more stuff to put in there and still be complaining I don't have enough room.  I got to get creative with storage, and I am trying to fight the urge not to completely rearrange the furniture.  Maybe just one little thing, I got to get my full-length mirror out from behind the bookcase, I was desperate to have another short bookcase in there and just kinda blocked it in.  And now I want it out.  
  Been very busy with finishing up a Wonder Woman cosplay for a very good friend, just got the sword to seal and paint, then boots to customize and then make the wrap around belt, so definitely coming down home stretch.  I might need to switch it up for a little bit, just so I don't get burnt out on doing it, I need to draw a little more on the portrait commission for another friend, who really has no time limit on, and that is a bad thing, for me anyway, because it seems like it always gets forgotten about.  I need to be better at setting my own deadlines, but I am a serial procrastinator, so there you go.  I know, that sounds like I don't try at all to fix my own failings, but I am working on it slowly.  I am aware.  Just life and stress really like to fight me sometimes.  And you know, you try to deal with it casually, like it's ok, I can handle ALL of this, yes I can!!  Ha! Nope, say your emotions, your brain tries to kill you, you need sleep and end up wondering if there is any non-illicit way that you can have to NOT sleep.  I mean, you could get so much more done if you didn't have to sleep right?  Well, no, that's bad.  Just sounds bad, because you know if anyone figured out how to channel that, it wouldn't be for the creative process, it would be held hostage and manipulated by corporate greed.  So, nevermind about that. 
  I am just working on it, I need to get to sleep early, wake up early, but its fucking still basically winter here and I hate being cold.  I wish this wind would stop.  But I am ok.  I will shorten this writing up a little because my phone is ringing, and I really have to accomplish doing my day job with wanting to be an art bum.  So here's to it getting warmer very soon, please! 
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Submitted on
March 13, 2018