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:bulletblack:Welcome to D-A-Comics!:bulletblack:

:bulletpurple:We Accept All Kinds of Comics! It can be a series of comic strips, it can be a full graphic novel, it can be a porn comic for crying out loud! (though porn comics aren't encouraged...) ALL is accepted!


Here, you can post your:
:bulletpurple:Graphic Novels

Which are all the same thing basically!


Note the founder or co-founder For the following reasons:

:bulletgreen: If you have any questions
:bulletgreen: If you have any suggestions



Thank you~ :iconclimaxplz:

Gallery Folders

After the Dream 20-11: Underworld by afterthedream
Down the Rabbit Hole by DanHenk
The Key Bridge by DanHenk

Mature Content

Guerillas in the Mist by DanHenk
comic folder 1
Bad Blood- Page 31 by OMGitsSomething
KOE Ch1 - Page 4 by Inky-Shade
Anouncement (Mothial with a cat) by Redwingsparrow
KOE Ch1 - Page 3 by Inky-Shade
~ Nasty by Nature ~ by SCIFIJACKRABBIT
.: Cutie Booty :. by SCIFIJACKRABBIT
No More Swans
No More Swans - Page 107 by Xannijn
No More Swans - Page 106 by Xannijn
No More Swans - Page 105 by Xannijn
No More Swans - Page 104 by Xannijn
Cynanthropy page 284 by ChevreLune
Cynanthropy page 263 by ChevreLune
Cynanthropy page 258 by ChevreLune
Cynanthropy page 133 by ChevreLune
Epics of Noche - Ch 2 Page 122 by EpicsofNoche
Epics of Noche - Ch 2 Page 123 by EpicsofNoche
Epics of Noche - Ch 2 Page 124 by EpicsofNoche
Epics of Noche - Ch 2 Page 125 by EpicsofNoche
Censor-Man comic " The Sketch"
Sketch, Page 21 by Censor-Man
Sketch, Page 22 by Censor-Man
Sketch, Page 23 by Censor-Man
Sketch, Page 24 by Censor-Man
MERRALORE: Page 36 by dyrfmaster
MERRALORE: Page 37 by dyrfmaster
MERRALORE: Page 38 by dyrfmaster
MERRALORE: Page 39 by dyrfmaster

Mature Content

S**T STIK! An Advertisement by dyrfmaster

Mature Content

That Adventure Meme...AGAIN!!! by dyrfmaster
DYRF Collection 7 by dyrfmaster
Dyrf: Gnome by dyrfmaster
Chakra,Battle of the Titans
Chakra -B.O.T. Page 385 by ARVEN92
Chakra -B.O.T. Page 383 by ARVEN92
Chakra -B.O.T. Page 384 by ARVEN92
Chakra -B.O.T. Page 382 by ARVEN92
3.24 by Davemation
The Human
Elise Blade Out by MemorialComics
A Child Led Astray
A Child Led Astray Volume 2 Pg26-27 by Hunchdebunch
The Strange Meeting of Jimmy and Lucille
LucilleandJimmy1 by Arterik
Fairy Bitches and The Imaginary Boy

Mature Content

What You Live For by Arterik
The Sanctuary
Chapter 1 p. 6 by ashurrii24
Tails of the KoJack
Tails of the KoJack 00 Page 05 by gorillagraffix
Lord of the sky and of the abyss
Felix Epta - The Royal Family by non-nobis-domine
space cake comics
Space age chapter 1-page 3 by garrus368
We has feetz! by Puppet-Child
Destiny Fails Us
Adolescence Strip 92 by Loveless-Nights
The fall of no-town
crossfire page 38 by Undercard212
In The Lion's Den Series
ITLD- The Wolf's Veil- 305-306 by Respeanut
Neil And Ryan
10 Faker by fr33z3dry
a day in the life
The End of the World page 1 by Foolish-Pride1
Uliye Tasa Ardhi
Uliye Tasa Ardhi PAGE 12 by Ithlini
Team Diamond and Pearl
Team Diamond and Pearl Cover by MusicalCombusken
Dragon's dream

Mature Content

Ch 09 Pg 22 by Solid-Shake
Kitsune of Death
KoD Page 5 by wolffoxin
mini saga
Wut? by 101LightTheHedgehog
the prince of the moonlight stone
The Prince of the Moonlight Stone / page 90 by KillerSandy
hazy daze
Hazy Daze Ch.2 Pg.18 by Past-Chaser
tutootsy the barefoot mer maid
Page 1 by CaveElf
Black Knights Go Medieval Pg1 by laoan
the cats' 9 lives

Mature Content

The Bra Bunny Bandit by GearGades
hello donna
Triple Trouble Pg15 by GearGades
Misadventure of the Scavengers and Drifters
Dirt and Vio by GearGades
Heaven Comes
The Divine Gathering: Ep1 Page15 by RossoWinch
LIOBJA Space Project
LIOBJA Space Project - Activity Report 6 by DorianoArt
Lucky 7
kc chronicles
Kc Chronicles Poster by lazlotheraccoon
Darklings - Issue 7, Page 32 by RavynSoul
Littlegreenhat's Comics
Kissy Babes by LittleGreenHat
Adventures in Misshapia
Adventures in Misshapia #1 by Dioxim
Lava Man Preview (1) by SKYcomicsSTUDIOS
Squiggle Comics
.: Tutorial~LMS' Guide to Creating A Comic .: by LittleMissSquiggles
The Adventures of Ben-G and Josh
A of B and J pg.4 by BoldEnergeticNerd15
Bird's-Eye View
Starwayne Chronicles
The Homeheroes
The Homeheroes 1-30 by RalfTheRalfMan
Africa -Page 155 by ARVEN92
My Only Love
My Only Love Page 3 by CeruleanSea23
the Ninth Eater
artistic gamer..
Life of a Artistic Gamer by 101LightTheHedgehog
comic folder 2
Undercore cover by FrederikPelserArt
Milky Kai the Roommate
Color Blind
Color Blind Page 351 by DruidTeeth
Noche Comic Series
Epics of Noche - Ch 1 Page 32 by EpicsofNoche
Plu7o's Space Ship 'Introductions Are In Order' by PLASTIC-ROBOT-COMIC
Florian R. Guillon
Forgotten Generation Extra #1 cover by FG-Arcadia
Ganza 05 - Vanderbilts Rainy day  part 1 by DAHRam
Boy's Like You
[ Spellbound Frontlines ] Battle 1: page 3 by UmbraOwl
Serious Engineering
Serious Engineering - Ch. 7 Father's Day Pg 31 by RomanJones
tony t
DRAGON MAIDEN by tony-tzanoukakis
Timelost, chapter 1 by RiseleyComics
Seclina Lunica
Howard Stilk: Seclina Lunica Chapter 1 by CHAR-MANDER2013
Dead Space: The Equestria Incident
Page 0 -Dead Space: The Equestria Incident by Dattebayo681
Mega Fein
Grandmothers by BitterlyBlue
Dream Caught
New Dream Caught Issue #1 Cover Art by Dreaphilia
PHANTOMS: Mini-Comics
PHANTOMS Mini-Comics: A New Frontier Part Two by MrCobalt67
Singmire Haze
SH 02.5 - Making Up by noxfoxArts
Black Rose
Black Rose 15 by DemonFox9Tails
DiRT CH.3 pg.112 by TheRockyCrowe
Granted - Episode 1 Page 18 by Granted-Comic
All Accidents are Intentional
All Accidents Are Intentional - Page 124.c. by Brokenopenseed
Iron Wave

Mature Content

Issue01pg14 by Unage-Jragon-00
WolfSong: Ch1, UO :Page 18 by DragonDodo
Western wind
Chapter IV -page6 by Western-Wind
The Adventures of 1UP
After the Dream
After the Dream Chapter 13 by afterthedream
mateo comics,origins story
Verse-13 ( Cain is just like you Death ) by MemorialComics
Clay 1: Dreamer by Ravenwilder
The Sprawl

Mature Content

The Sprawl - page 20 by DrawholicXXX
FriendQuest Ch2 Page 10 by GhostlyMuse
Elemental Coin
cover for my new manga ELemental Coin V1 by aquakitty101
Angel Corps

Mature Content

All Too Soon - Picture 06 by Sandstrahlen
Tail of the Monkey Princess
The Magical Idiots
The Magical Idiots Ch. 2 Pg. 10 by HolyLaxativeApples
Galaxy Magnolia
Galaxy Magnolia page 88 by Axolotl-mafia
Vincent 1.0 by kvik84
Obscurity Fighter
Obscurity Fighter Comic Kickstarter by gavacho13
Days of Yore
Days of Yore - Extra Page by Zarashi99
The Spirit of Ethil
The spirit of Ethil P19 by Lunewen
Kalwa Ch 2 Pg 17 by GreenRaptor15
Mythologia Prologue Page 11 by centrifugalstories
Logbook ch01p04 by QuackGhost
A tale of two orphans
.:ATOTO:Chapter1: Page 5:. by matrix9000
Evil Teddy'
Teddy Villain - my OC by AkiOrinoco
Star Guardians Chapter Eight 13 by CrossXComix
The Super Ones
The Super Ones Ep 1: The Beginning Pg 45 by tomboytsundere
Bryce By Night
Bryce By Night Page11 by Hoelho
Kaiju Academy
Kaiju Academy-Class Drinks by GreenRaptor15
MORTAL KING BOO Prologue Part 1 by NellyEvosium
RAWR Dinosaur Friends
Kafka's Jurassic Park P1 by hannahmcgill
Two Different Worlds
League of Legend Rengar and  nidalee(human form) by MemorialComics
Return of the Millenea
The 7 Shinjin
The 7 Shinjin - Chapter 1.1/ Page 1 by AkazokuSozo
Wolfie Comic [53] by Whiplash3
Destination Imagination
DI1 Comic Pg.48 by Thesimpleartist4
Raptor, page 95 by ElenPanter
Ran and Arin
Ran and Arin V 'Cat Slash' by ThePsychoDog
Sneak peak #8 - No offense by WildEllie
Shattered Collision
Shattered Collision page 32 by shatteredglasscomic
Shattered Battleworld
Teaser 1 MTMTE Closure - Ultra Magnus by shatteredglasscomic
Starscream's Realm
Cover A by shatteredglasscomic
Team X
Tx: Megail pg 1 by Eveeka
Autonoir Chapter 1 Page 05 by Autonoir
Cosmetic Domination


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Hello,  D-A-Comics members I like to inform you all about some new rules about the folders for the group.

The first rule is if your comic is under 20 pages you will not have a folder you will be put into comic folder 1.

The second rule if your folder is inactive for about 6 months your folder will be deleted unless you contact us telling use why your not updating, like if you're taking a break.

the other thing is that I'm going to do is make a list of all of the comics that are in the group and post them for all to see.

I'm going to rate each comic from 1 to 10 on quality and storytelling. mostly I'm going to rate on storytelling.

have a wonderful day.
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