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The Mandala Turns
"Are you sure about this?",  Maya muttered as they made their way over rooftops on a helicopter Maya was "borrowing."
"Yes.  Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I have to get closer to her."  His voice seemed... deeper, and it carried a strange resonance to it that distracted her. She shook her head to clear the cobwebs and pointed. "Thar she blows, as the saying goes."  Up ahead, illuminated by the city lights, was Tal'shen.  Her form was huge and amorphous, a gelatinous mesh of  pieces of that seemed to belong to the menagerie of the deep sea.  The skin was a murky grey that crackled with bolts of rainbow colored lightning and gigantic tentacles lashed back and forth, either gripping onto or slamming into buildings. People on the streets below were scrambling like ants and fires were alighting in a scene of utter chaos. However, none of this was quite as unsettling to Maya as the serene, content smile on Paul's face. It was definitely not what one would exp
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From the Depths
As the blade swung towards him, one of Paul's tentacles lashed out, slamming into Maya's temple with a sickeningly wet crack. Her head rocketed sideways and her body followed, slamming heavily into the wall. Shimmering hues of red trailed down as she slid to the floor. Paul gasped in shock, but now was no time to stop. He instinctively knew what to do before he heard Tal'shen howl.
Looking over his shoulder, Paul realized he'd been held in a warehouse near the ocean. Escape was his only thought as he ran out the nearest exit and cringed. He'd been in the dark for so long the bright light outside hurt his eyes. He could hear the pounding tide and, as he observed his surroundings, realized he had no clue where the hell he was.
Don't Stop Paul! She Will Be Coming For You!
He scrambled for the nearest hill. A rainbow of colors, present for the past hour, stopped dancing across his vision and he could think clearly. He began babbling to himself. "I killed her. She was go
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Dreams of the Deep
Paul's whole world was spinning.  The Proxitol made it incredibly difficult for him to think clearly. Maya? Yes, her name was Maya. She had told him it would only be a few days, that the thing inside would dissolve.  She'd been wrong, and she'd been surprised that she'd been wrong, not that it mattered. Resting his head against the cool porcelain of the toilet in the cell he called a room, Paul
could almost laugh about how this all seemed like some ridiculous dream. But the pain, the disorientation, and the feeling of...something inside...assured him it was anything but.  
The growth had started spreading again, but it was different this time. The iridescent scales had formed
patches around his hips, wrapped around his waist, and then branched out into two separate lines that
ran up and gathered around his shoulder blades, sprouting opaque sacs.
That night he dreamed of an ocean, somewhere far, far away. Something large and shapeless, sparkling like a star-covered
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GodStorm Match pt 5 by CZGrey
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GodStorm Match pt 5 :iconczgrey:CZGrey 0 3
GodStorm Match pt 4 by CZGrey
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GodStorm Match pt 2 by CZGrey
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GodStorm Match by CZGrey
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CZ Godstorm Profile by CZGrey CZ Godstorm Profile :iconczgrey:CZGrey 0 2
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Stitches vs. Aidan :iconczgrey:CZGrey 0 0
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Desire Character Survey. :iconczgrey:CZGrey 0 2
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Stitches vs. Captain Elijah :iconczgrey:CZGrey 0 1
CadaverNumber 23 Stitches
Name (nickname):Cadaver #23 (Stitches)
Age:uncertain. Appears about 26
Race: Undead (Modified)
-Physical details-
Build:Lean but well defined musculature and body.
Eyes:Silvery Grey.
Skin:Chalk white. Dry to the touch.
Defining features:Short ashen blond hair, slightly spiked. His arms and fingers are slightly longer than on an average body, the number 23 is burned onto his throat, mouth stitched shut and tongue removed, with more stitches and burns encircling the body beneath his clothing. Groinal area resembles that of a Ken doll.
Clothing:Seems to be wrapped in bandages of studded leather, a set of chains forming a belt. A wide armlet on his left arm that gleams strangely.
Weapons/Gear: Four knives slipped into tuck in spots on his clothing (easily reached), spiked metal knee pads, chains around his waist. His hands and head. A small pouch around hi
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Mature content
Stitches Audition :iconczgrey:CZGrey 0 1



Joshua Winslow
United States
Current Residence: Leroy, Alabama
Favourite genre of music: Celt-Folk/ Rock, Classic Rock, little bit of this, little bit of that
Favourite photographer: once again, don't really have one
I have a journal entry? Ba-pssssch.  YEAH RIGHT!
I can't think in a straight line for more than half an hour with effort, so what makes you think I can think clearly enough to make a journal entry.


awww but I still love you all.


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