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Eleven Years Old

Raksha (Xí od Úhoště) is eleven and still doing very well.

Her lower back gives her trouble here and there, she has generally slowed down physically, has been officially retired from backpacking hikes longer than cca 25 km per day this summer (according to dad, the mountaineer of our family).
Running by the bike is also hard to do now with Mitra at peak athletic performance running circles around me while I keep a slow and slower pace set by Raksha.
Still, dad reports that at least once every walk, Raksha enjoys a wild chase-bite-and-tumble play with Mitra that she wins. She likes to remind him that she is his mom, boss and leader... and Mitra apparently likes being dominated, because he lets her overpower him even though he is bigger, stronger and faster than her now.
Mentally she is sharp as ever, still confident like a queen.
Less and less tolerant of female dogs, unless they are her daughter Ygraine or old acquaintances. (Or totally and absolutely submissive, feeding her massive ego Eye Roll)
Possibly a little less eager to hunt and kill (rodents and birds) than she used to, but her animosity towards cats is strong as ever. Shiva was the only exception, but unfortunately he has died a few months ago.
On the car-travelling front: no changes whatsoever. She hates it, period.
Her love of food (raw meat) has not changed, although she is more and more picky. Also possibly her teeth are not what they used to be, because she does take longer with hard bones.

Appearance-wise you can see on the picture that her coat is thicker even in summer, especially her collar. Age is starting to show: her back (spine) is less firm, there are changes in musculature, her eyes are getting darker. I think she looks fabulous, is an amazing pet and I hope that she stays with us for several more years in this great shape. Happy eleventh birthday Raksha!
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