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Mesa Town

Town high above the Tidal Flats area.

Trying to get back into matte painting to offset all the abstract landscapes I've done recently.

Also, started posting sketches and thumbnails to and if you want to follow there.
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wow I love your landscapes and your creatures you have a very good hand friend! I take the opportunity to say thank you for the llama badge, in exchange for your gesture I give you an equal, greetings and have an excellent day!
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Thanks! I'm glad you like it and cheers for the llama. :)
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Oh wow this is stunning! 
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Amazing picture !
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Very Star Wars
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Imagines walking on that one bridge out to that building on the far left.  Hears my mom yelling at me for that.  "Mom, they wouldn't have put a bridge here if you weren't supposed to walk on it!"
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It's definitely not a stable looking place.
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No, but who ever said "not stable" wasn't fun? ;p
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looks pretty awesome.
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"Welcome to the Mesa." (Harsh coughs) "Don't be surprised by the corpses down below, it's something you get used to. Better seeing death than being dead, right?" (Low chuckle)
-An elder of the Mesa Town.
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Haha, that's awesome. Who knows what's down below but I certainly wouldn't want to try that fall.
That is excellent. I like the desolation around it and the colors
Thanks for sharing the cool art
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