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badass concept

By czarnystefan
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photoshop + wacom intuos 3 tablet
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WOW...  that is the definition of Bad Ass!! Bravo Clap Clap Clap 
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Hello, are you selling the image badass concept by czarnystefan  on the DeviantArt? How can I buy it?
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Hello, can I by this?
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This looks awesome!!!
Old school and new school at its best!!!!!
Don't mess Don't mess Don't mess Thor Thor 
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holy crap that looks so much like my character concept its kinda scary!  Even has only a left shoulder pauldron, uses a mual, and has the loin cloth and massive gut belt armor.  its an awesome piece of art. heh even have the colors the same, just scary lol
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oto taką koncepcję ja nazywam prawidłowy bóg Thor-Odyn, a nie to co przedstawia Marvel
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Amazing work! so nice.
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I fave, therefore I am...
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Great,could be an elder version of Thor !
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ah...reminds me of the summer of 2002...battling evil terrorists in southern Germany with nothing but wit and a big hammer....ok and all my Army pals with guns and stuff haha

Great job!
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I hear him saying "By my oath. May all my line make their life with strong arms and a good hammer in his hand!" centuries later A descendent of his line, one Mike Thorson is a roofer in Wisconsin. He's fine with it.
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It's comments like this one that make me wish DA had a thumbs up function.
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reminds me of the saxon leader cerdric from (2004) King Arthur ...
you can almost hear the quote: "At last ... a foe worth killing ..."
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kawał drania;] wyglada super
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He say "U don't wanna fuck with me!!!" ;D
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fuck amazing!
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wish i was carved like that badass mofu
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Piękna praca
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