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Persephone: Queen of The Underworld

Yay. I just couldn't rest without making Hades' wife.  You can view Hades here:

In Greek Mythology, Persephone (a.k.a Kore)  is the daughter of Zeus and the harvest-goddess Demeter, and queen of the Underworld.  She is the goddess of vegetation.  Head over heels inlove with Persephone, Hades abducted her while she was gathering flowers one day.  It is said that the gods Hermers and Apollo also vied for her hand but overprotective Demeter hid her away from the eyes of the deities. 

This photomanipulation represents Persephone before her abduction. 

Fact: Persephone is also known as Proserpina in Roman.


This is my fifth try at photo manipulation so pardon if the colors, shadowing, and highlighting are a bit off. 

Persephone: Queen of The Underworld is made for Katie's (a.k.a Thy-Darkest Hour) Gods and Goddesses Contest which you can view here:

Resources, credits, etc...

A BIG THANKS to all the wonderful people who shared their stocks!

Forest Background Stock:


Flare Brush:

Blue Glitter :


Flowering Vine…

Hair Brush:


Butterfly Brush:…

Thy-Darkest Hour Credits

North American Black bird (Thy Darkest Hour):

Moss (Thy Darkest Hour):

Fractal Flower (Thy Darkest Hour):

Starling Boird (Thy-Darkest-Hour):

Pansies (Thy Darkest Hour):


Making of a Forest Magical Scene:…

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A very creative artwork and my compliments on blending all the stocks together!!
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Yay! Thank you so much. Most appreciated especially coming from you. <3 And thanks too for the llama badge.