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It's been 5 months since my last addition to my gallery. I've been terribly busy with school & work taking up practically ALL my time. I have MANY things I could have added to my page, just haven't had the time to.

Good news though!

I will be keeping up with my page with at least 1 deviation a week while classes are still going on, after that, who knows! My last classes are in mid may, and then I should have an abundance of time to upload things that shoot out of my head.

Watch out!!!

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I'm headed for my second year of college in less than a month. And my sleep schedule is completely screwed up. I work nights, and don't get home until about 1am. To keep from being tired during work, I sleep during the that means I'm awake all night and go to bed about 11am and sleep all day. Basically, this summer I have become nocturnal. So I REALLY have to change that around, otherwise I will be screwed for school.

Other than that, I really like my classes and the program of study I have joined (graphic design). What are your feelings on going back to school??? Or did you already graduate and are looking for a job???? I'd love to hear.


Just a little by the way, I have become obsessed with YouTube and a newer site called BlogTV (it's like live youtube)....I just may have to go to rehab.
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