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Hi guys, as I have promised in late April.... Commission is open!!
I have not decide the amount of slots since it really depends on your requests.... but please read the following terms and conditions

Terms and Condition

:bulletred: This commission is for personal use only. Please don't use it for commercial or claim that you draw it.
:bulletred: I would open a folder in my gallery and put all the commission works in there. If you don't want me to do that, plz let me know!

:target: I DO
:bulletred: Fanart
:bulletred: Original
:bulletred: Character Design

:target: I DON'T DO
:bulletred: R-18, hentai, yaoi, yuri
:bulletred: Furry, Anthro
:bulletred: Robots and Mecha ( I can try my best but I won't ensure the result)


:bulletred: All prices listed here is for 1 character, prices for extra character are all listed below with different categories.
:bulletred: All the Prices are in CAD

Heads by cyrusHisa
Somewhere around the shoulder - $18

:bulletred:Half-body (Waist Up) with Simple Background
PFSR-ARAKI by cyrusHisa want a teddy bear? by cyrusHisa Kuiba by cyrusHisa
Sorry some of this samples are really old, but you can get a feeling of waist-ups. The style are more likely to be similar to the headshots - $28
Extra character + $12

:bulletred:Full Body with Simple or No Background
Commission Sample 2 by cyrusHisa Daf:: Z by cyrusHisa
Full body - $25
Extra Character + $20

:bulletred:Full Body with Background

Mermaid by cyrusHisa Chap2-1 by cyrusHisa

Full body - $30
Extra Character + $20

:bulletred:Character Design
Char2 by cyrusHisa Character Design by cyrusHisa character design _ bww_SHIINA Akira by cyrusHisa Sp(2) by cyrusHisa Bww2 by cyrusHisa

First two - $30
Single Colour like the last one (only character on the left) - $25
Character with Detailed Sheet - $35
A Group of Characters - $40

:bulletred:Full CG with Complicated Background
PF7 Heading towards the caves by cyrusHisa Happy Halloween2012 by cyrusHisa
Ghost Night by cyrusHisa
Single Character - $50
Extra Character - + $25

More please go to my gallery!…

How to Order

:bulletred:Send me a note with title "commission request"
:bulletred:Include your commission type, i.e. Character Design
:bulletred:If you want me to draw your OCs, plz give me a reference of your character and tell me about him/her so that I can incorporate his/her characteristics. This is same to requests of Full CG!
:bulletred:If you want me to do a character design, plz tell me as much as you can, so that I can understand the character


I accept ONLY PAYPAL!!

Paypal Stamp by artist4com
:bulletred:Payment must be finished after your commission is accepted.
:bulletred:I won't start working until I'm paid!
:bulletred:All showing prices havn't included Paypal fee!

Working Process

1. You send me a note for details
2. If I accept it, I will tell you the price and way of payment
3. As soon as I receive your payment, I'll send you a note to inform you that I've started working and the approximate date of finishing the work
4. When I finish it, I'll send you the oringinal file

Thank you guys so much!!
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Iviernu Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014
Just want to make sure, but are you still open? :)
Sharkfu Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
I don't suppose you're open, and if so have the prices changed?
cyrusHisa Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Student General Artist
hey thanks for asking! and sorry for the late reply!:iconotlplz:
yes I'm open this year! since I did not make a journal about the new price, I keep the old price for now :meow:
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