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Hi guys, as I have promised in late April.... Commission is open!!
I have not decide the amount of slots since it really depends on your requests.... but please read the following terms and conditions

Terms and Condition

:bulletred: This commission is for personal use only. Please don't use it for commercial or claim that you draw it.
:bulletred: I would open a folder in my gallery and put all the commission works in there. If you don't want me to do that, plz let me know!

:target: I DO
:bulletred: Fanart
:bulletred: Original
:bulletred: Character Design

:target: I DON'T DO
:bulletred: R-18, hentai, yaoi, yuri
:bulletred: Furry, Anthro
:bulletred: Robots and Mecha ( I can try my best but I won't ensure the result)


:bulletred: All prices listed here is for 1 character, prices for extra character are all listed below with different categories.
:bulletred: All the Prices are in CAD

Heads by cyrusHisa
Somewhere around the shoulder - $18

:bulletred:Half-body (Waist Up) with Simple Background
PFSR-ARAKI by cyrusHisa want a teddy bear? by cyrusHisa Kuiba by cyrusHisa
Sorry some of this samples are really old, but you can get a feeling of waist-ups. The style are more likely to be similar to the headshots - $28
Extra character + $12

:bulletred:Full Body with Simple or No Background
Commission Sample 2 by cyrusHisa Daf:: Z by cyrusHisa
Full body - $25
Extra Character + $20

:bulletred:Full Body with Background

Mermaid by cyrusHisa Chap2-1 by cyrusHisa

Full body - $30
Extra Character + $20

:bulletred:Character Design
Char2 by cyrusHisa Character Design by cyrusHisa character design _ bww_SHIINA Akira by cyrusHisa Sp(2) by cyrusHisa Bww2 by cyrusHisa

First two - $30
Single Colour like the last one (only character on the left) - $25
Character with Detailed Sheet - $35
A Group of Characters - $40

:bulletred:Full CG with Complicated Background
PF7 Heading towards the caves by cyrusHisa Happy Halloween2012 by cyrusHisa
Ghost Night by cyrusHisa
Single Character - $50
Extra Character - + $25

More please go to my gallery!…

How to Order

:bulletred:Send me a note with title "commission request"
:bulletred:Include your commission type, i.e. Character Design
:bulletred:If you want me to draw your OCs, plz give me a reference of your character and tell me about him/her so that I can incorporate his/her characteristics. This is same to requests of Full CG!
:bulletred:If you want me to do a character design, plz tell me as much as you can, so that I can understand the character


I accept ONLY PAYPAL!!

Paypal Stamp by artist4com
:bulletred:Payment must be finished after your commission is accepted.
:bulletred:I won't start working until I'm paid!
:bulletred:All showing prices havn't included Paypal fee!

Working Process

1. You send me a note for details
2. If I accept it, I will tell you the price and way of payment
3. As soon as I receive your payment, I'll send you a note to inform you that I've started working and the approximate date of finishing the work
4. When I finish it, I'll send you the oringinal file

Thank you guys so much!!
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Ok guys just a quick journal to say that yes I AM STILL ALIVE! Finally survived from all the works and exams, and got 2 weeks of rests.
I'm going to open commission soon but I will not take lots of commissions so far since I still got an intense film class during May. But yes I will open it, and I will accept only paypal (need some $ since I bought lots of books recently).
And, here the most important thing... SORRY for all the late replys, very late replys and none replys... I've been so damn busy last and this month and I did not get the chance to check DA so often... SORRY FOR THAT GUYS!!! And thank you for all your patient and support! I do appreciate your comments and replys A LOT!
I will release the commission info soon so stay in tune!!!:heart:
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  • Reading: hmmmmm.....
  • Watching: game of the throne season 3
  • Playing: monster hunter
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  • Drinking: red bean milk tea