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United Kingdom
Used to post a lot on DeviantArt back between 2010 and somewhere around 2014/2015. Nowadays I just occasionally post my meh pieces, so you could say I'm essentially retired.

Weirdest adopted little sisters ever: :iconlily-the-cat11: :iconvasunshinegrl96:

Current Residence: Florida, soon to be England
Favourite genre of music: Chillstep, Dubstep, EDM, Metal, and anything else that sounds good
Favourite style of art: Anything that looks good
MP3 player of choice: iPhone
Favourite cartoon character: Luna's still a favourite, but Yang Xiao Long is up there, too
Personal Quote: "Let it be known that I have absolutely no idea as to what I'm doing."
I remember the days when I used to post journals all the time, so full of arrogant self-confidence, the delusion that people actually read my stuff, memes, and self-loathing. Ah, those were the days....

Anyway, anyone who's still around may be wondering why I'm posting a journal now, since I'm pretty dormant on DA nowadays. Will I make another promise to have one piece a month? No. Will I say I'm done with art? Nope, even though I'm sort of retired now due to life getting in the way. Will I make excuses saying that my art sucks? Naw, my art's not the best and I certainly hate most of what I do, but that's a due to a lack of practise. Will I make another MLP theory like I did way-back-when? Nah, FiM's still one of my favourite shows, but I don't really follow it as religiously as I did back then. Honestly, it's just boredom. I just felt bored and wanted to put a journal up for old time's sake.

So here, a journal of tired boredom for the sake of whoever stumbles upon this!
  • Listening to: Stratosphere by Cash
  • Reading: How to forge Mandalorian armour
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: Halo Dungeons and Dragons/Halos and Hunters
  • Eating: Horrid College Food
  • Drinking: Water


Yinyin Contenran Reference Sheet
came up with a vampire NPC idea for a possible DnD campaign or one off. not happy with the linework at all, the shading's passable, and the character/costume design is good. overall, i'd give myself a 6/10 and an A for effort
DA ID 2019
am i back? probably not. got dissertations to work on, kiddos
Athos Reference
So I decided to make a reference sheet for my new DnD character, a yuan-ti paladin by the name of Athos. Not too thrilled with the pose or the way his skin came out, but I'm surprised the spangenhelm, tabard, and mail came out well considering the fact that I've never done armour before. Had I more space, I would've included different emotions and him without the helmet (well, a more detailed version of him without the helmet). Maybe a proper reference is in order.
But, for now, I rest. Been working on this fecker for near eight hours and my fingers are cramped.
Overall, am I happy with it? No, but it's good practice.
Chibi Nathi
Alternate Title: The Most Pastel Dragon I've Ever Coloured

I was listening to a few Newgrounds songs from my childhood and got the idea to draw the original iteration of my OC Icarus from way back in the day when I was an edgy teenage fuckup. And to add some flavour, why not style him in the good ol' fashioned Legend of Spyro style, seeing as how that shit was popular when I first joined DeviantArt
I wound up drawing his new iteration Nathi instead... Fucker's more pastel than a character from MLP... He's gonna need a recolour...

This was more of an experiment than anything. I finally managed to figure out what stabiliser setting I like most on Sai, and I also tried my hand at colouring in lineart.
All in all, I'd say for what it is it's a moderate success. I need to work on my shading and highlight technique, though for what it is it's not too bad. Posing is pretty good for something I haven't drawn in god knows how long. The background definitely helps Nathi pop out, seeing as how it uses a warm colour and Nathi is primarily a cool colour. Fucked up the tail attachment, but I wasn't gonna redraw that fucker. The thumbnail looks appealing. Designwise, there are some good elements and some "looks like any other Spyro OC from 2010" elements, which aren't necessarily bad but aren't necessarily good either.
I need more practice with this stuff, and seeing as how I'm busy with getting ready for grad school, dissertations, and moving across the pond, Imma need it.

Who knows? Maybe I'll post something else someday.


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