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Even bigger news guys!

Last week I was hand picked by famous Croatian photographer Damir Hoyka to participate in his seven-day seminar Fotosofia!
Excitement is over the roof! WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! :D

Once again, the reminder:
If you like the work, you can visit my page (77visionart), or like us on Facebook.
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Big news guys!

On Monday, 11 March 2013. at 11 am in the lobby of Graphic Arts, University of Zagreb was the opening exhibition of photographs and photo essays created by graduate students.

About the exibition
Featured photos are selected from the top 10 photo essays (of 89 essays) incurred during the last semester. In addition to the photographs, photo essays will be on display too.

My photo essay can be viewed here.

Within the course, students are given a task to independently assess a theme (or idea) and display it in the form of photo essays complemented with sound.

As a form of visual expression with a big dose of personality, photo essay is a very individual form of expression of ideas, thoughts, emotions and impressions. Since the topic was free, the result is quite varied, but gives a good insight into the diversity of views and interpretations of things and people that surround us.

At the exibition: Marina Brajkovic, Ivan Goran Zunar, Mateja Puhalo, Edita Keskic, David Kampic, Matea Hari, Dora Ajdukovic, Matea Goricanec, Rene Svigir, Emil Simik.

If you like the work, you can visit my page (77visionart), or like us on Facebook.
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Hi guys, what's up with you!

I'm back, after a long brake & as you can see, I've spammed your inboxes... a lot!
This new images reflect on a course I decided to take in life. Now it is only practicing till perfection!

In the other news... I bought an SB-700 flash, started to equip my home made studio and acquired a set of 5 high power reflectors for it! Soon all the ground work should be done, and I should be back on track shooting pretty girls and boys!

There is one more thing. I decided that my favorite genders of photography are portraits of all kinds, artistic nude and erotic photography, and they are directions i choose to follow.

So dear friends, if you decide to work with me, please keep in touch, I'm sure we can work something out!

If you like the work, you can visit my page (77visionart), or like us on Facebook.

Stay well and produce beautiful art as allways.

See ya! :)
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Yeah... it was the right number last time... but I forgot all about it! :D Sorry!

Anyway... it was about time I updated my gallery! Hope you like it! If you haven't - check it out, comment and criticize everything and anything you see. That is the only way I can learn and improve myself.

In the other news - I've got a new hobby. Any of you that know what Marklin stands for will know what is it. Also, if you got something in HO scale that you don't need - feel free to donate it.

That's it for now. More pictures soon to come, as soon as I combine hobbies. Until then, I wish you all the best!
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Hi guys, what's up? :)

In the last journal, I made a little mistake. I meant to say see you at 5k but punched the wrong key... whooops :)
Anyway, here we are... 5k, big and blue! :) So, what's new?

Two things come to mind:
1) After years and years of laziness I finally finished working on my webpage. It can be found at, feel free to check it out :)
2) I finally bought a new lens. It's Nikon's AF-S Nikkor 18-70 3.5-4.5G. It is fantastic! Quick, sharp and pretty. I love it! Soon I will post some pictures :)

In the other news, I'm still trying to find models and I think I'm slowly getting there... So wish me luck and see ya all again at 10k (yes, this time it is the right number) :)
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Ok you guys... this is a wow! Really!

- 2k pageviews...
- almost a hundred :+fav:s on Moss without Kate and a feature...
- 3 months premium membership given by :icondutchorca:

Thank you all, really! You give me motivation to keep on uploading!

In the other news, a new (better) lens should arrive soon (I hope) so this April could be interesting for experiments with some new techniques.
Last week I visited a little town on the adriatic coast called Novi Vinodolski. I haven't had a lot of time for taking pictures, but few will be published here soon.
Also, it's really about time I process some swan pictures that were taken almost 3 months ago... hope to do it soon.

Thank you all again, and see ya at 3k :)
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Ok now, hello :)

It became my habit to write journals at a round number of pageviews.
So here we are... big round 1-0-0-0. Thank you guys! :)
To be precise I'm at 996 right now but who cares... that's almost it.)

News, news, THE news!
Fax finally relented noose around my neck and now I can start to deal with a photography in peace. This means more pictures and more time to spend on dA, YEY!
Also, my english skills improved, now I am only at 7th level of SUCKS!! :)

So... I'm going to stop talking rubbish now and dedicate myself to post processing a bunch of photos taken way back so that I could finally free some HDD space.

As ussual, comment, fave and continue bringing wonderful art into my life! Hear ya at a big 2000 (unless something really big happens :P).

Cheers :)
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Hello again, my faithful fans! Yes, all of you two :)
So... this is a new journal, first one since... well, since I reactivated dA.

What's new? My english still sucks, I'm still egoistic bastard, no change there :)
The diffrence is I developed a sic addiction to dA since my last journal and here I am... joining clubs, faving work, being "svakom loncu poklopac" (sorry... don't have a slightest clue how to translate that... google translator says "each pot lid" but it just doesn't sound right!

Good news is that I finally managed to learn a few tricks with Nika and yes, to answer that question, she's fine... we have a beautiful relationship, now she obeys me almost everytime I pick her up. She stopped complaining since last time I left her locked up in a closet for two weeks :)

That said, my gallery is updated with a few starting pics, hope you'll like 'em. Comments are wellcome so comment if you'd like. And yes, I'm looking for models, if anyone is interested contact me, we'll arrange something ;)

For the end of this journal, I wish all of you a happy new year, filled with joy, happiness, love, peace, creativity, wealth, completed works and generally a lot of enjoyment :)

P.S. For those not familiar, I'm not abusing women (how it could seem from the tekst), Nika is my camera and I love her very much! (Yeah, my girlfriend is so jelaous...)
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It is about bloody time I start doing this and I've got exactly two reasons for it:
a) a new dSLR which I've got to work out and
b) improving my english capabilities which, at the moment, SUCK!!

So... this is me and this is my page. Me, me & me... that sounds a little egoistic, doesn't it? Ah, who cares... see you, as soon as i learn how to take a foto ;)