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Marsupilami character deisgn

personnal representation of the marsupilami a character created by André Franquin
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Eh, this looks a little creepy.
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Cousin to Dougal Dixon's striger.
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Oh man, Marsupilami! Amazing, this is so lifelike!
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Holy grenade, looks like a real animal!!!
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Tu ne serais pas par hasard le character designer du marsu ? :)
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Veyr beutifull done!
Allways loved that chara of it's design - I only had a few comics,but thats it ^^'
I just come across the trailers of this new movie,and I did notice the big change ,alltought yet adorable,
and I must say - this surely look a lot like it,when I searched I was like oh lol thats cool,someone tried on the movie take of him,later saw that you mentioned own renderation,and another thought came to mind - perhaps this is the designer of the new take of the charas look for the movie? - I seen before people posting up theyre concept ideas and such before,so it wouldn't surpise me XD - but then again,I readed the other comments, and I guess I can take it as thats a no,but hey then it means you and the movie version (whoever came up with that design) thinks sort of alike then? X3
just have a look:
the look alikeness is amazing 8 D

anyhow back to the pic:
The pic here is amazing and very well done!
I love all the details and stuff - making it so life like!
I bet this must take you veeery long to do X_X'
it's really great!

I wish I could say something more - it's truly stunning!
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:iconeagerlaplz: AWSUM! it looks a bit like the film one :)
wish I could make them like that... can I ask what programme and brush you use?
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Yes maybe I could be influence by the trailer, unconsciously ... I started this character design because my daughter ask me to read the same Marsupilami comics 3 or 4 time in a day (really boring, but she kn!ows how to persuade his daddy :) ) I was and I think I have some yellow hair grow up during the night, I seen Marsupilami everywhere :) so I make this image in the night
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hahaa you have an awesome daughter then :) and looool I see Marsupilamis everywhere all the time XI
and thanks for the photoshop information :lol:
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I have only use photoshop, with a smooth round brush for this work ;-)
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