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Avengers Concept Art

New type of work, mixing photo and painting. It's not an official artwork, I haven't work for vfx compagny but I hope to work for compagny like MPC, because it must be amazing to work on entertainement movie as concept artist !
I have try to make a step for Banner transformation, like a concept art for vfx. I have try to be really realistic , and respect Mark Ruffalo's face.
Hulk is one of my favourite character and I hope to have time to make an illustration of him soon !
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Hulk is one of my favorites too! badass work! :eyepopping: I think a lil bit light green would make it perfect. Do you plan a Hulk piece (fully transformed) too?
I wish you all the best for your concept art movie plans
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not yet because i'm relly busy :( butt Hulk's illustration is in my list, and i will make it asap :)
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cool! Im looking forward to that ;P
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this is amazing, great detail! 
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Looks very convincing for me :) And I can't wait for your new works :)
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Very nice! Your digital skills are absolutely amazing! :D
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That looks very good. Only thing is it seems like some of the green skin is overlapping the shirt, which I suppose isn't meant to be :).
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