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S046 Classique Noir


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S046 Classique Noir


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Rising Star Farm's 2020 Spring Fling [RESULTS]

What a fantastic turnout we had for this show! I sincerely apologize for taking so long to get around to judging this. So, without making you folks wait any longer, here are our placings! Green Horse In first place, with 44 points, is @Pheasant-Ridge's PR Sterling, ridden by Sophia Richards. In second place, with 42 points, is @CyrillicConsortium's AoF Reena, ridden by Jackson Reister. 2' In first place, with 46 points, is @AlyssaChantre's Silverbrook's Staying Gold, ridden by Aleya Markenia. In second place, with 42 points, is @badazal's RPS Can't Stand The Silence, ridden by Andres Falk. In third place, with 41 points, is @Tornados-Heart's STL Abandoned War, ridden by Eric Steven. 3' In first place, with 44 points, is @Rowanth3tree's BA Achates, ridden by Isa Rodyo. Tied for second place, with 43 points apiece, are @Jessa-bee's CC Karmic Kisses, ridden by Colin Taddoin, and @littleredloup's IPS Moon's Ghost, ridden by Tora Mills. In third place, with 41


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