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Jungle Design

This is the jungle level design for the game named "Harold".
I am currently working on that game :)
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your works are amazing,do have any tutorial of your process, because not everyone use flash for create background
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I don't have a proper tutorial. I am sure you can find plenty all over the internet though !  :)
This looks amazing, I would love to have somthing like this for my game. How much would something like this cost? thanks
Great job!. Can I use it for an proyect?
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thx ! Sorry but no, its copyrighted :)
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Your work is gorgeous! Could you please tell me are you painting multiple layers for paralaxing or are you using assists from a Sprite sheet when you assemble your scenes?
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hello, it depends of the work.

For a game you have to have every assets separated so i tried to keep that in mind when i do a concept art for a game. My goal is always being as close as possible as the final result in game.

This is multiple layers for paralaxing and each assets is draw separately

I hope this help :)
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Cool, i knew nothing about this. :nod:
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What do you mean use it ?
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Cool, it's very gorgeous background. :aww:
I hope that my story ever can use it :idea:
as plot for any vgame so.
It'ld be cool for me. ^^;
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ils défoncent tes décors !!!
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Merci, ton boulot est bien class !
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wow. this is amazing!
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thx man, your work is great !
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got any tutorials
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maybe soon, leave a message on the journal, if it reach enough people i will do a gumroad video
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I did not know it was possible to get such a "painting", non-vectorial, look with Flash.
Anyway, this is GORGEOUS !
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thanks you, flash is your friend
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Really nice! Reminds me a lot of Rayman Origins/Legends, but I guess you hear that a lot, but it is one hell of a compliment!
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when we've started the production 3 years ago , there were no Rayman origin :) we are getting that a lot, yes :) the game is a side scrolling 2d hd game too :s
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hehe so maybe ubi art were inspired by your work, even better! D:
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