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For Anne

This deviation is dedicated to :iconannewipf:
I truly appreciate you and all that you do. I wish you nothing but happiness and peace, dear friend. You're strong, you're brave, you're wonderful, and you're in my heart and prayers.
:heart: :hug: :heart: :hug:

:iconcopyrighted1plz::iconcopyrighted2plz: :icongimpuserstamp1-plz::icongimpuserstamp2-plz: made in GIMP

:heart: All stock images used from: :iconhermitcrabstock::heart:


-Stream | Lake-

-Mountains | Rocks | Sky-

-Architectures | Structures-


Created by me

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Wow! This is amazing. 😊😊

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Soooo beautiful, it's like I can smell the flowers already. Great work with colors and atmosphere, amazing!

Flowering Vine

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Lovely scenery :love: beautiful colors :love:

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New Smiley: Big Grin (emotee) Thanks so much :heart: rvmp !

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Congratulations, your art has been winner of the Second week in May. Member's choice  majesticARTS
You receive a prize of 50 points and your art is feature all the week in the Group.

   MajesticARTS by HILIF Excellent by KmyGraphic   Goood Job!! by LOVEMAYU
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:iconasurpriseblushplz: Oh! Thanks so much! I'm honored! :heart:
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This is a very beautiful Well on the Lake.
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This is a beautiful composition and I love the toning. Would you like a little critique as well? :)

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:icongrin--plz: Thanks so much, and yea I'm up for a critique! Feedback is always welcomed :love:!
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Ok, there you go: The Pillars in the front are not perfectly straight. The background looks nice, soft and painterly which is a massive contrast to the flowers in the front, that look more like oversharpened photographies. The distribution of the sharpness throughout the picture it, what makes it a little off. Fro example, the tower on the left side, behind the pillar looks quite soft again, allthough it's the same distance or maybe even closer to the viewer in as the pavillion in the middle of the see, which is in contrary quite sharp. What I probably want to say is: What is the main vocal point of the image? Is it the flowers? Then everything behind them blures out gradualy. Or is it the pavillion? Then everything farther in front or behind it would gradually blur out. They compete for attention.

Edit: I probably should clarify the flower part. I know they are not oversharpened. It's the light, they where shot in, that makes them look so contrasty. Decreasing the shadows and highlights might do the trick there.

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Ok, so it looks like I should improve more on better defining the focus of my art piece,
and constructing the depth of field accordingly around it for a better cohesive flow (I hope I'm understanding you right :) ).
That is something I'll continue working on in future artworks.
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That's what I tried to say. :D Thank you.

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Amazing i love it

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What a beautiful tribute! Love 
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:icongrin--plz: Thanks so much!
I just wanted to let her know that from my little corner in the world,
she's appreciated for all that she does here on DA :heart:!
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Indeed she is Love 
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