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2B from Nier: Automata, another game I haven't played as much of as I'd like. This was drawn as a Christmas present for my friend Rambro, and also as sort of a tacit apology for inadvertently ruining his chance to get a photo with Yoko Taro and 2B herself at PAX 2017. And what do you know, it's another finished Prismacolor piece. By now I was using micron pens for lining though, so it ought to look a hell of a lot better than that Lammy. The whole thing's a little more rushed than I'd like, especially considering it was a gift, but forcing myself to complete something in a short amount of time instead of hemming and hawing over it for days is probably a good exercise. Oh, and I really did burn the edges of the paper, though the concrete texture in the background is added in post.
Dated December 15, 2017. 
Lammy from Um Jammer Lammy. A rare non-digital finished piece from me, this was colored with Prismacolors but lined before I started using micron pens seriously, so it's just some shitty gel pen or something. This ran in issue #14 of Dank Zine (May 2018), although due to time restraints it was my first submission not created specifically for the Zine. More info on that publication in more relevant subsequent deviations...
Dated April 19, 2018.
Paper Chie
I've only played like an hour total of Persona 4 (I idiotically died during the first fight and didn't feel like sitting through all the cutscenes again) so I don't know much about it, but I really like Chie for some reason. Here she is in Paper Mario style for some reason. No idea what possessed me to muster up this idea, but I struck that iron while it was hot.
Dated January 13, 2017.
Luna Nova Sabrina
Oh baby, it's that most creatively bankrupt genre of all, crossover fanart! This is Sabrina the Teenage Witch from Archie Comics as a student of Luna Nova Academy from my favorite anime, Little Witch Academia. Sabrina is based on her original 1960s-70s appearance from the comics, not her probably more well-known 1990s live-action TV incarnation. The recent Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic miniseries and the forthcoming Netflix series of the same name (which I am very excited for) have thrown back to her old appearance, though, which owns.

Uh, fair warning here, there's going to be a disproportionate amount of witches as I continue to upload old art.

Dated April 22, 2016.
Destrons (Predacons) Starscream and BB and Cybertron (Maximal) DJ only appear as playable characters in the the Tatakae! Beast shmup minigame. Scylla and Ikard also appear in this mode, but only have unflattering back sprites, so I didn't bother coloring them. Sprite is originally from the Japanese Game Boy Color game Ketō Transformers Beast Wars: Beast Senshi Saikyō Ketteise, as colorized by me, with animation help from exmortis00.


Mike Ouellette
United States
Current Residence: Massachusetts
Favourite genre of music: alternative, post-progressive, shoegaze, post-punk, some indie rock

Hi there. You might have noticed that it’s been almost two and a half years now since I posted the last Transformers Legacy entry (or anything at all, for that matter). Some people certainly have, because I understandably get asked on probably a monthly basis when, or if, the next entry will be coming.

The short answer is the same as it’s always been: I don’t know.

The characteristically long answer is: I started Transformers Legacy nine years ago (to the day!), when Transformers Animated, a property I dearly loved, was arriving at its premature end. I adored how Animated cherry-picked elements from virtually every single Transformers incarnation that came before it and breathed new (and sometimes very different) life into them. Legacy was meant to be my own personal take on this philosophy: keep what I liked, throw away what I didn’t, and inject some of my own flavor along the way. The mission statement was essentially, “if I was in charge of Transformers, this is how I’d do it.” In my eyes, it was meant to be Transformers "perfected."

This was a vision very easy to stick to throughout the majority of Legacy’s initial run, when the two major ongoing franchises were the live-action films and Transformers Prime, two series which - while not entirely devoid of merit - I personally found extremely lacking in just about every department. This drought ended when I decided to get caught up on the IDW comics in late 2014.

In Furman’s, Roche’s, Barber’s and Roberts’ writing, I found complex and inventive stories that elevated Transformers fiction to a level that far surpassed anything before. As much as I love Beast Wars and Animated, they were, at the end of the day, cartoons created for children. IDW’s older audience allowed them to explore darker, more mature themes at times without losing the spirit of fun and adventure and camaraderie that permeated the best of its predecessors.

Legacy trudged on for another year or so after that, but as I continued writing stories in the Legacy universe, I found myself incorporating more and more elements from IDW: the Dead Universe, the colony worlds and functionism leading to the Decepticon revolution were all broad concepts I found creeping into my work, along with more specific events and character beats straight from the comics. Where Legacy was borne out of the desire to make the “best” incarnation of Transformers, along came IDW, who did better than I anything I could dream up. To me, IDW has become the “true” Transformers fiction, the perfection I endeavored to create, and has left Legacy feeling superfluous and irrelevant in comparison.

Now, having said that all that, I’m not definitively pronouncing Legacy dead in the water, but it may be easier to think of it that way for now. I know Legacy still means a lot to a lot of you, and despite my frequently brusque attitude I truly do appreciate it. Both in spite of and in recognition of that, I can’t force myself to phone it in going forward; I owe better to myself and to you and I think my indifference would be reflected in a lackluster end product. The fact of the matter is I’ve had pencils for the next entry (it’s Runabout and Runamuck by the way, who even cares at this point) sitting around for almost two years and have not had even the slightest inkling of a desire to finish it, even knowing that it’s the last entry in Series 2 and how little relative effort it would take to finish it. The inspiration for Transformers-related work has just not struck me in a very, very long time. With the recent announcement of the termination of the IDW continuity at the end of 2018, maybe that'll change sooner than later, but I can’t say for sure.


Transformers Legacy may stay on indefinite hiatus, but I won’t. In the interim since my last update, I’ve actually been extremely productive, I’ve just been reluctant to post any other art before a new Legacy entry for fear of being eaten alive, so I’ve decided to address the situation here first. Over the next few days? - weeks? - months? I will be dropping a huge backlog of art from the last two years (I’ll try to dole it out a reasonable pace), and I’ll continue to post any new art as I make it. It may or may not be stuff that the majority of you are interested in, but hopefully better than endless silence.

Also, most relevant in terms of “what I’ve been up to”/shameless plug: I am currently on staff with “Dank Zine,” an independent video game-related monthly print magazine run by my friend Ann, for which I typically do one piece a month, and for which I've also done two covers. My art for it will be posted here the month after the issue is sent out. More info on the zine and where you can purchase it will be forthcoming as I post previous months’ art and/or in a separate journal post.



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have you thought of showing your transformers desings from hasbro?
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So did you see the trailer for Godzilla king of the monsters?
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I'm here to say that I love your Transformers series. Looking at your own work has inspired me to create a Transformers OC of my own:
Transformers OC: Nightwhirl by DarkAluminum
His name is Nightwhirl and he's a Dodge Challenger.
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Sorry to be an hardass or anything, but regarding the Transformers Legacy, there is still one bot, the fifth S2 Decepticon, remaining :)
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You plan to finish the Season 2 someday?
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