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The Forbidden Game

Original book art for L.J. Smith's Forbidden Game Series, book 1, "The Hunter"

I got this series when I was 11 and I still read it over and over.

Julian The Shadowman was so sexy and dangerous. If you liked Henson's "Labyrinth" then you'd love this series. <3
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It was THIS cover of Julian that I fell in love with. Seems that Julian influenced my recently love with another very similar character (a witch) with a similar arc & last scene. Every fan fell in love with the hottie bad boy (also with blue eyes) and we all cried he deserved love
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My all-time favorite series. It so needs more fan art. If I was a millionaire, I'd totally pay to have it turned into a manga, anime, movie or television show.
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I think he looks a bit old here... But I love the picture!
Love the books, but I hated Jenny though. I would most definitly had dumped her stupid boyfriend (forgot the name... Tom?) and go with Julian!
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Oh no doubt! Jenny would have been more likable if she weren't portrayed as so perfect and so submissive to her dumbass boyfriend, Tom. That irked me to no end.

Julian had a lot of character growth. Why give him such a great arc when it's all for naught, and he still doesn't get the girl?
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Exactly! I kinda love/hate that book >.<
I would have stayed with Julian!!!
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i just read the book. indfact i'm not done.
i love that guy Dx why isn't he real!
i have a tendancy to fall for male book characters. here's a few.

Gabriel (he's so hot >w<)
Vanyel (Gay. and he dies. *sigh*)
Ash (not pokemon!)
Julian (Dx)
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even though i know that Julian's got short hair...i pictured him with long hair :3
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so did i. kinda shaggy-ish. :/ and i kept thinking of his eyes as kinda... the color blue glow in the dark paint is. :3 hes hot
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Lovely! And the Labyrinth - :iconsomuchwinplz:
The whole reason I read Forbidden Game. =P
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i read it because i thought it was the 4th night world. xD
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But LJ says that Forbidden game is based off Labyrinth. SO THAR.
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