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Yeet me into the void

By Cyra-King
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these are fun so I made one for my pokesona 

now to test who reads the description
again, these are fun, so I want to do more. For free :>
if you want one, link a ref or whatever and comment it. If I like your character's design I might make you one uwu
I'll probably do like 3-4 so yee uwu
please give me something to do, lmao
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If you would like to draw me or one of my eeveelutions, i would like that.
Tell me who you want to draw and i will send you a ref.
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Sure, why not…
(shhh I know you have it, I just want to show that I read the description)
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I like how one of the tags are "green" lol

I would give you a ref but I don't have one lmao,,, ;<; I give you this instead…

It would look cool if it were like this... so fluffy hiss
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Aaaaand YEET I’ll do you uwu
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oh heck thats so good-

uhh can you draw pandora mayhaps-
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Mayhaps, since I have drawn you a couple times already :P
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M a y h a p s 
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sooo you can draw my oc your saying? here!  My dog OC
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Tyler ref  better ref of him if you need it. :)
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if you need another reference, I can draw one and link it to you later :D
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Yeah sure I’ll do your OC!
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DoodleRoar's avatar…
feel free to draw Mewgon again
no pressure or anything, I barely use her anymore so I won’t mind if you don’t :P
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If you’re bored, you can draw…
don’t feel pressured or anything!! <3
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A gorgeous babe, I’ll def do him <3
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yeets you into the wild
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An avacado! Thaaaaaaanks
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