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Bitch I'm Fabulous

By Cyra-King
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hahaha im actually dead inside my math final is tomorrow and well,, hhh
I failed my math final last year (got a 63. Im pretty dumb guys) so HHH,,, but like. Okay lemme tell you, only my dad really cares about grades. My mom is pretty chill. most of the time. but my dad gets m a d. Like,,, scary mad. So Avoid At All Costs. He never found out I failed my math final, because my mom knew how mad he'd be and she loves me so she covered for me,,, god bless her. 
but like YESTERDAY my mom came up to me and was like "You better do well on your math exam this year, bucause this time I won't cover for you"
so yeah here's to hoping I don't fail hahahaaaa
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My math teacher (in this term anyway) lets us use study guides on our final, so basically I guess a cheat sheet lmao

Oof fren let's hope Luck is on your side... much good luck to you
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ur bootiful

seriously though good luck with those finals !! I hope u pass 🤞
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My math final was two days ago lmao

I'm sure you'll do great :D

Good luck Shad! Don't die!
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Good lick on your math final!! Hopefully this year it’ll go more smoothly! Personally, I think it’s bound to be better, because last year was geometry and geometry was hell.
also wow coincidence my math final is tomorrow too
precalculus :’3
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ilysm u heck i believe in u!!!
good luck!
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