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Homo Sum

I've been listening to Decapitated today. They've got some good death metal stuff.

OS: Debian 8 Jessie 64 Bits
Desktop Environtment: KDE 4.14.2
Plasma theme: Pandora-plasma. It is a WIP by Hombremaledicto
Window Decorations: idun by garthecho
Icon Theme: Nitrux by DevianTN7k1 for the QT apps and Moka-Minimal by cbowman57 for the GTK apps like the dock.
Cursor Theme: White Breeze
Widget Style: DSP
DSP Theme (or Conf): by Hombremaledicto 
Dock (or Left Side Panel / Unity Like Panel): Plank
Plank Theme: Numix theme for Plank by me4oslav
Covergloobus Theme: LGD-N12-Orb for CoverGloobus by LaGaDesk
Font: Ubuntu Font
Wallpaper: CELL by kornny 
Apps: Konsole, Bespin Demo and Feh.
Song: Homo Sum by Decapitated -->
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Oh... this covergloobus! :lol:

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Thank you Lars! :)
Using, obviously, one of the best CG Theme I've seen!
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Thanks man! :)
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Nice mate, those caption buttons remind me of Appows a bit, but in a good way! :D
Cyr4x3's avatar
:D Thanks for the comment and those nice words neiio :)
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Dobbie03's avatar
Very nice.

Decapitated \m/
Cyr4x3's avatar
Thank you Dobbie! :)

Yeah Decapitated rule \m/ !
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Nice shot and great band.
Cyr4x3's avatar
Thank you very much! And yes, Decapitated are such a good band! :)
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