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happens kinda after this:
It had only been a few days since Helena had told Syver and Nita they had been accepted at the Olympics, but already Helena was in deep thoughts about how to get through the endurance course which had been announced. It required the entrants to be able to read maps for once, and even though Helena had no big trouble reading maps and scenery around Nattvik, it was a completely different to read a map over an unfamiliar place with surroundings she had no experience with what so ever. Therefore she had chosen to drive herself and Karl to a new locations at the foot of Jotunheimen where she had never been before to get some more experience readin the map. Jotunheimen was perfect, many places was similar to Rondane and Nattvik, but there were a lot more variety of waterfalls, dense forests and rivers because Jotunheimen was a lot larger that Rondane.

Helena chose to ride Karl with as little tack as possible, both to make it easier for him to move freely, but also because she felt like she would need to build her own riding muscles, having not competed in endurance since the white december over half a year ago. They followed a steep hill for several kilometers, riding criss-cross up the hill to spare Karl's legs but at the same time build his muscles. At the top, there were several smaller paths leading in three different directions, but no roadsigns. However, all paths were marked with a red T, signaling they were all safe tourist routes, though that did not mean they were also horse-safe. Gazing slightly at the map, she chose the middle road and followed it through a dense forest.

It became clear to her after a while that the path they had chosen was a bit challenging to her stallion with the rocks peeking up from the ground here and there, and the thick forest made it impossible to sit correctly positioned. Helena put her legs forward and against Karls neck to avoid getting them cut up or squeezed between the horse and the rough trees. So it had been a stupid choice to not read the map more thoroughly when she had the chance, but at least the stones seemed to disappear again and the road started to swing down another hillside.

Not really sure how long they had been riding, they eventually reached the end of the path. The sound of a fierce river thundering behind the bushes, Helena made sure Karl did not rush forward, but walked patiently towards the end of the path. She pushed away a thick branch and signaled a halt to Karl, who stopped instantly. They had the river ending in a large, foaming waterfall to their side. In front of them the path had ended in a several meter high cliff giving them a first class view of the forest they had just ridden through. They could almost see all the way back to the roadcross where they had been a few hours ago. The wind up here made waterdrops fly from the waterfall and onto her skin and onto Karl's fur and silky mane. She let her fingers run through his mane, smiling happily to herself. Even if she loved running Nattvik, being out here all alone with her thoughts and her beloved horse, that was utter freedom to her.


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that place looks like an adventure itself!
Gotta love the little detail not to include tack to let also tha rider exercise a bit xP
Karl is such a beautiful stallion!
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ohboy, thank you so much QQ and Karl says thank you too x'D
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Oh I love this! The whole look of it, the natural riding, and her practical wear! Good job <3
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Naww, thank you :D
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You are very welcome!