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.:: Make it or Break it ::.

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Horse 1:  Dracarys 20565
Rider 1: Ravna Aaberg
Horse 2: X4138 Skjaak
Rider 2: April Lightfall

Show: Roemoe Beach Seaside Show Jumping
Class: Paired Jumping / Double Jump


April knew her mum had connections with the Ødegård family in Vanaheim, but she had not predicted that the two families had been in on the same little plot; to make Ravna and April socialize more. Not only that, but with each other! April had pulled many faces while speaking with her mum on the phone, attempting to speak her mum out of it. Firstly, she was a Volur, not some fancy show jumper and Skjåk was no show-pony. But April did not have the heart to disobey her mother, though she planned on finding a good excuse like being sick or having a lame horse. However, things escalated once April finally met Ravna, and the first convo went approximately like this; ''hello''. ''dont fuck up noob. Do not make me look bad’'.
For someone with Aprils mindset, any plan on how to get out of this awfull team event vanished in thin air. Now April HAD to prove the woman wrong. Oh she was gonna show the person with lilac hair just how wrong she was. Such remarks was not stick to Aprils reputation, na-ah, no. Challenge accepted. April bit her teeth together as she looked at Ravna's back before their entry number was announced. The fire she felt in her chest made her grip harder on the reins and close her eyes; walking the route one last time. She knew Ravna probably had everything memorized forward and backward with the routines she had, but April was not going to be defeated that easily. The competitive tension between them was thick enough to be cut with a knife, but this competitiveness would prove beneficial. April threw a quick glance at Ravna. As soon as the bell rung there was a common, wordless understanding between them that they would both do their absolute best.


AAAAWBAØBØWBGWK COLLAB WITH THE ONE AND ONLY dat-inu !!!!!!!!!! <33333 :la: :la: :la:
She did THE amazing sketch, background and shading
While I did lines, flats and tack

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I like the braided reins : D
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Aaah such wonderful movement! :heart: You two make a great collab team <333
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Hehe differences aside LOOK WHAT A NICE TEAM THEY MAKE, THO? :love:
This looks aweome >v<
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OMG this is the cutest thing I've ever seen! :faint:
Your styles blend so well together it's incredible! :heart:

Best of luck to you two! :la:
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Wow! I love this! And also, great story ;o;
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Rick Grimes - Icon Need For Speed

 I really like itRidin' Mah Horse 
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I admit, seeing Skjaak in such an environment is kind of strange, but he does an amazing job. Same goes to you for the amazing colours and the tack (always love your tack-designs :heart: ).
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It looks amazing! Those horses are so cute together :heart:
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