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Watercolor Effects


Normally I had a lot to do today, but I didn't feel very well and so I wasn't able to do the things I had planned. In the middle of the afternoon I just decided to throw together this little overview (better than nothing...)

Last weekend at the MMC Berlin I was invited to give a little workshop concerning watercolors. One part were effects; and in preparation I made little cards with different effects to show to the participants. As they all liked the cards a lot I thought I could as well scan them and share them with you.

As always, this is just the way I do it, it's no universal way. Also, there are a lot more tools and methods you can use to create effects, this is just a very small selection. Try also using toothbrushes, sponges etc. for your paintings. Also, the paper plays an important role! Effects will of course also look different on different paper. (I believe there is a better overview concerning the matter already existing on dA).

If you find some things that are strange, things you don't understand or simply typos (I reread it a million times now I swear I'm blind...) - please contact me! Also, if you have other questions - just ask me! I'll try to answer you as fast as possible and the best I can.

Now I hope this is helpful to some of you and that you have fun being creative with watercolors! :la:
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LibraryDragon8's avatar
Thank you for the tips and encouragement. I love the effects others can get with watercolor. I still need to work with them to get a better understanding of how they work.  (just keep painting...just keep painting..what do we do...paint) LOL
kalyre's avatar
Thank you so much for this tutorial! Great descriptions of the different techniques. I am anxious to get my brushes wet.
Splashwater135's avatar
Thabks so much for this!
faniatejeda's avatar
Thanks for sharing. Im learning how to use watercolor and this helps. Thanks :happybounce: 
Raveora's avatar
Hi! I would like to ask a question about the masking fluid. 

Is there any other way to keep a part of the page blank other than using masking fluid? 

I would like to know, thank you. ^^ 
mgscreative's avatar
if you want lines, masking tape works well too! :) 
CyprinusFox's avatar
I'm sorry for my incredibly late reply!

As far as I have tried out there's only the option with the masking fluid or leaving it white as it is by carefully painting around the areas that should remain white.
Try a white wax crayon! It´s not completely opaque sometimes but it works as well...
CyprinusFox's avatar
Oh that's actually a really good idea! I remember I have tried that out once, even if it's not completely opaque or completely white it gives a nice effect. Thanks for bringing this up, I totally forgot about this.
Mymylle's avatar
Thank you, it will be useful :)
CyprinusFox's avatar
Glad to hear that! (:
Oddeum's avatar
I'm so sorry to keep pestering you so much with questions ^^;
but when you purchase modeling paste for watercolors, do you choose fine or coarse? What are the differences?
CyprinusFox's avatar
Hey, no need to be sorry! I'm the one to be sorry because I takes me ages to reply here ):

Actually I can't really tell you the difference, because up to now, I only have used "fine" and I don't know anybody who has experience with the other modeling paste. The fine paste though is very smooth and easy to handle, I can just imagine that the other might have some structure stuff added, but as I said, I've never used it before. I'm sorry >_<
Oddeum's avatar
I'm just thrilled you take the time to answer my silly questions at all!

Thank you so much for the info. I ended up getting 'Fine' and I must say, I am absolutely thrilled with it
and if coarse is anything like I suspect it'd be, I'm glad I chose 'fine' ^ ^

Thanks again for answering :heart:
CyprinusFox's avatar
Thank you for your understanding! I can assure you that your questions aren't silly at all (: At least, as we say here, there are no silly questions, only silly answers!

Oh, so you already got it! I'm glad you like it (: It's great working with it. I haven't used it in a while, I should get it out again sometime.

And no problem, you are welcome!
Miutari's avatar
It's awesome tutorial, thanks very much for doing it! :D I haven't seen anything similar till now... :la: :D
CyprinusFox's avatar
You're welcome! I'm glad when it helps! Watercolours are so awesome and versatile <3
Miutari's avatar
Yes, they're definitelly are! :nod: :love:
OurHands's avatar
Cool, I'll have to try traditional art once in a while :O
CyprinusFox's avatar
Glad you like it! And you should definitely give traditional art a try, it's very rewarding! (:
Oddeum's avatar
Wonderfully helpful tips! Thanks so much for posting it!

Sorry to bother you, but I have a quick question; do you use Schmincke watercolors? If you do, do you find them to be of good quality?
I want to finally get professional quality watercolors, but I can't decide on the brand; I heard schmincke was really good from multiple reviews, but others said that the colors were too dull. Have you found this to be so?
CyprinusFox's avatar
Hi! Please excuse my late reply, lately I don't find the time to be on dA very often @__@
Glad the little overview helps you!

Yes, I've partly used Schmincke colors back then when I used pans for my artworks! I've always been satisfied with them and didn't have the impression that they were dull. I'm no expert when it comes to Schmincke though. What's important though is to think about the difference in colour when it comes to student and artist quality. Here's a good overview about everything:…

As for me, I never thought that there would be a real difference, and so when I went from pans to tubes, I used tubes in student quality. This summer though I decided to invest in colours with artist quality, and there is truly a difference. The colours are really more vibrant. My new colours are from Mijello Mission Gold which is a Korean brand. However, I know many who paint with Schmincke and are satisfied. In general I think tubes are have more brilliant colours, compared to pans. I still have some pans though just for having colours ready when I travel and such.

Schmincke also has a good website in English, not sure if you've already seen it:…

I hope this helps a bit! @__@
Oddeum's avatar
Thanks so much for all the information! It's so helpful ~ !
I will def buy Artist quality Schmincke; can't wait to put it on paper :eager:
CyprinusFox's avatar
You're welcome! I'm glad when it helps (:
I think Schmincke is a good decision, I wish you loads of fun with your new colours! :heart:
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