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This Dance

unfinished commission.

Cliché girl in the forest with butterflies bit (I called it that to the commissioner too, so it's not as an insult). I did try to paint it in the same way I might do traditional paints. I think it's lost at this size though.

"Unfinished" in that I just can't seem to figure out how to do the butterflies. I'm toying with some ideas, but either I use a reference and go too photo real or I just slap on some paint like one might throwup on the canvas... I'm not sure which I prefer yet. Hard to find that happy middleground.

• tree brushes & photos were used in the painting
• referenced redheads for the features & hair
• Photoshop's lovely "leaf scatter" brush was used for a lot of the texture
• my typical paint texture brushes were also used on the dress/foreground/background
• softlight and screen for the light effects
• I'm ashamed of the hours that went into this "cliché" painting

I think that about covers it. I'll just update this when it's finished. All in all it's been a good commission in that everything wanted was clearly communicated to me, and in the end if I fail to deliver it's a personal failing, not one born from their being unclear.

any ideas for how to go about the butterflies are not only welcome but appreciated greatly... especially if you've had to encounter a similar problem before.
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Your art is just amazing.
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I JUST LOVE IT!! :love:
youre are is mind-blowing!!!!!!!!!!love your texture,your style!!!!!!i love it~!!!!:)
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That butterfly should help me with my grocery shopping! LOL (I love the surreal aspect!)

I think you should go with the same style used for that atomic-butterfly :) It's painterly and 'figurative' enough.

(Yes, I've been off DA for a long time)
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The lighting in this is magical! I wish I could learn those effects! And I like it in this *unfinished* state... Makes it seem even more fairy tale-like... ^-^
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i'm lost for words, the piece is masterful :)
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Our compliments!
We would like to publish this work on the next issue of our italian art-zine named CAA -Chiamata alle Arti, themed Dance.
The team

You can see all past editions here:
The deadline for this issue is 15 november 2009.
send to:
Your personal data:
- Name and/or nickname - Email and/or URL of your site
- your permission to use the images both for the use on the CAA and to advertize the CAA projects themselves.
File types (no animation) at least 1800 pixels on longer side:
JPG, GIF and PNG or TIF, TGA, EPS, BMP, WMF, EMF compressed with ZIP or RAR (max 6 Mb).

more info: [link]
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I love the way she is staring at that one, more detailed than the others, butterfly! And I LOVE your style! :D
khallesh's avatar
i like her that way but cant wait to see your finished work
KuRiOus183's avatar
I like how you angled the blurry butterflies, kind of moved my eyes first the lifted dress/butterfly, then the girls under white dress.. at first i thought the girl was angry, but then i closed up on it, and WOW i almost missed out on your skills, the shadowing was Nice, good detail, especially where you hit the eye lash etc :)KiCK Ass
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It is so gorgeous!!
miskis's avatar
I like how she doesnt look all to happy to have those (cliche) butterfly's yanking on her dress.
VampiraDaee's avatar
Until I read your description of the scene, I could have sworn this was "Once Upon a December" from Anastasia. This is such a beautiful piece none the less.
xxMidnight-Dancerxx's avatar
lol i thought so too. i was like that looks like that scene when shes dreaming in the movie of anastasia. i love this picture. It's so beautiful.
mayarasuellen's avatar
I love your work! *_*
rainydaydarling's avatar
I love her petticoat.
It's so dressy.
Spirit-Watcher14's avatar
oh my. this is the far most beautiful thing ive ever saw! it reminds me of the song dance by leanne wockman lol. but its beautiful. no doubt about it.
gayparade's avatar
lovely. this reminds me of anastasia.
xblackabyssx's avatar
This is really pretty, it reminds me of a younger/sadder Snow White.
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I like the butterfly that looks more realistic.
Your work just amazes me. Especially Damien's Kiss. I fell in love with that painting. How do you come up with your ideas? They're so...original.
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:wow: s i m p l y m a g i c a l :wow:
Strawberrimilkshake's avatar
Look at those butterflies!
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