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digital painting of a cat... oh wait... heh, no it isn't

OK... last night I searched long and hard for a stock photo of a cat... and I found one... so I thought. I did the paintover, and I go back to the photographers page, and realize it isn't stock at all. So I noted him, and he was kind enough to let me post this, even though it isn't a stock photo. Once again, done to show that people can do manips and call them paintings... title... he reminded me of Dragon from "The Secret of Nymn" for some obscure reason


ps- You will never see me say this for any other piece... but the point of me submitting it at this size is to allow people to see the brushstrokes... so for fucks sake, just take the 2 seconds to click it big.
I can't think of a time I look at a drawing and don't enlarge it, maybe that's the curious side of me, but I notice here people will look at the thumb, but can't be arsed to look at anything else. prats.
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The kitty dragon looks so floofy! I like the luminous eyes. I agree, the enlargement adds to the image; you can see more depth to the fur.
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I love cats, and i love your drawing! Very, very beautifull!
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Beautiful strokes and work.  <3
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I was just searching for photomanipulations showing dragons. Just my luck, I found a cat. :D
Great digital painting; the fur looks so real!
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I really love this awesome art!!!
I really love your orange cat. I would like to buy it. You're not sell it anymore here on deviantart. How can I reach you? Do you still sell it? Josee from Canada. One day, if you see my comment, just let me a private message or on my Facebook account (josee grimard) Thanks.
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I don't have Facebook anymore so I'll just respond here

I had stopped selling prints on deviantart because of their payment policy to the artists but I believe that's since changed so I'll likely start offering prints at some point - what size were you looking to get?
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It looks so lifelike and soft!
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The fur looks soft to the touch and the eyes glisten like marbles.
Very well done!
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Love the fur detail! :3
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Aaaahhh, a dragon!
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I just thought you would like to know that someone went ahead and re-uploaded a cropped version of your beautiful piece to their own gallery: [link]
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This is beautiful work. Adding it to my favourites page!

(I'm a cat lover, so it wasn't hard to do. ;) )
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You have enough talent to make me want to cry!
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My cat lays on his belly and stretches his neck completely out, curling his paws to either side of his body. We call it 'dragon-boy' XD
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Simply amazing~ //instant fav
is a beutifull cat. Wonderfull painting.
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the eyes seem to be staring into my soul... wherever my soul may have gone... I wonder what he sees there...
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The eyes are so amazing.
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This is such an awesome picture, but he looks nothing like Dragon Lol.
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I love his eyes, he seems so curious :-)
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