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Hi there!

Good news for you! I am allowing my fellow deviants to put their Ads in my page now.

You can see how an Ad would look in the "Get Featured" section in my page.

What are the benefits to put an Ad?

  1. You'll get more traffic (inflow of visitors)*
  2. You'll get more people to purchase your products (if you have any)*
  3. You can gain exposure more quickly
  4. You can build a base of your profile by meeting new people

1) I do not guarantee to increase the traffic of your profile or increase in your sales. It solely depends on deviants to like your Ad.
2) I hold all rights to remove any Ad at any point in time. Equivalent points for the remaining Ad period shall be refunded.

Would it be free to put an Ad in my page?

Unfortunately, no. It is because of the following reasons:
  1. I am providing you with an opportunity to get more exposure
  2. I am providing you a space in my page (which I could have used for my own use otherwise)

What is the format to put an Ad in your page?

  1. You need to provide me with your Ad image (222x116px). It can be either animated or static image.
  2. A small description text (max 100 characters) of your Ad (see the dummy Ad in my profile page for reference)
  3. You should provide me your landing page URL (the link where people will land when they click on "visit now")
  4. You should tell me your commission/art trade/requests/collab status (if any)

How many pageviews do I get? And how much would it cost for an Ad?

I get an average pageviews of 350+ per day. Hence, based on you can buy the following packages for your Ad.

1 day Ad view = 350 PVs - 45 :points:
7 days Ad view = 2450 PVs  - 200 :points: (You save 37%)
30 days Ad view = 10500 PVs  - 700 :points: (You save 48%)
90 days Ad view = 31500 PVs  - 2000 :points: (You save 51%)

Deviants who have benefited from their Ads:

MarkDraconis - (1)
Alkraas - (2)
neroz-art - (1)
Thata-chann - (1)
RevedeKat - (2)
jenatstare - (1)
Fellmekke - (1)
Jei-ice - (1)
Everkai - (1)
Nekokorochii - (1)
Tolko-Lyubit - (1)
Genisay - (1)
WitchieCat - (1)
ChazzyJLT - (1)
Miinu-Inu - (1)
blackcoffeeneko - (1)
Ame-y - (1)
Championx91 - (1)
kgfantasy - (1)
Gewalgon - (1)
GYRHS - (1)
orribu - (1)
Sergeant-Curtis - (1)

Ad views in my page are completely legit and it is not against the DA Ad policy.

Please read FAQ #574: Can I advertise on DeviantArt without purchasing an official advertising package?

Sid :heart:

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Hello, is this still possible? :)