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Circular Profile Menu - Template

By CypherVisor
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Some codes were having missing background colors in it. For those who have purchased this, kindly download the updated package again.

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Live view:

Usage Policy:

1) No Derivation is allowed from this Skin without my written permission
2) You are not allowed to re-sell this Skin to anyone in deviantART or outside deviantART
3) You are not allowed to modify the code of this skin to make a new one without my prior permission
4) You are allowed to modify the code only for your personal use

Inside the download package:

When you download the package after purchase, you will receive a .rar file (which is a zipped file) containing all the necessary codes and instructions to use the profile menu. You may use any unzip software to extract the files in the package such as Winrar or Winzip, etc.

Circular Profile Menu - Redefined

Circular Profile Menu - Redefined by CypherVisor

Other Profile Menu navigation

3D Click - Profile Menu by CypherVisor Press-Down Effect Profile Menu - Template by CypherVisor

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Skin design & coding Copyright © CypherVisor
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I copied the CSS code just as it said but it gives me an error saying BackSlashes character escaping disallowed :(
itaXita's avatar
thank you for the lovely design and the clear instructions ^_^ there's one thing though, it's not a huge problem but when the links are within DA the text appears to be bold, and when I give links to outside of DA they look normal. I was wondering if there is a way to fix that so they all look the same :meow:
krewellajo's avatar
I am having a problem can you help?I bought it and copy paste the code just as it is ,and i am mozzila user.Is there anything i don't right?
MaichoMod's avatar
Does this work in custom boxes as well as journals? I've tried and all I end up with is either a plain black background or a few links  but no circular buttons? It's probably something simple I'm doing wrong knowing me XD

Edit - as predicted, I was being an idiot, fixed it now! :3
AK-47x's avatar
i cant get it too work i think i have the code i just dont know how to work it ?
spacewaffIe's avatar
I bought it and then found out I don't have the software for it... is there any chance I could get a refund? 
CypherVisor's avatar
You can use free softwares such as winrar to extract the content. Let me know if any issues.

Get winrar here:
Konimous22's avatar
How do I get one of these???
CypherVisor's avatar
Purchase and download the content. And read the instructions inside after extracting the downloaded file.
Llama-Lad's avatar
Is it possible to replace the flat colors on the buttons with our own images, per individual button? Like, a different picture for each of the eight buttons. For example:

Button 1 has a set image of a 'basket of fruit' and when hovered displays a 'apple'
Button 2 has a 'jar of candy' and when hovered displays a 'lolipop'
Button 3 has a 'bookshelf' and when hovered displays 'Moby Dick'

Think you get the point now :3
So, is this possible?

Also, is there a way I can only have a total of 6 buttons insteadof 8? 3 on top 3 on the bottom?
Sorry if I'm asking alot :P I appreciate it.
CypherVisor's avatar
Yes, it is possible. However, you'll need to edit the CSS for it.  You can see I have done a commission for someone here: Tenor

And yes, you can have you can have 6 buttons, just insert a line-break (enter key in your keyboard) after the 3rd button code in your journal and the rest will move down. Similarly, you can can remove some of them if you do not want by deleting the buttons codes. :thanks:
Llama-Lad's avatar
I see, so I need to commission you to get that CSS code.

And thanks, managed to get 6 buttons :)
CypherVisor's avatar
Well, yes.

And yay! That's great! :)
Daarka's avatar
Could the flat colors on the buttons be replaced with an image? I think I'd like this, but I would want to be able to design my own visuals for the buttons--and potentially for the hover-over effects--instead of solid colors ^^;
Also, I have the same question regarding this one:
Circular Profile Menu - Redefined by CypherVisor
CypherVisor's avatar
Yes, it can be done (in both the menus). :nod:

You can edit it for your personal use and get hover image instead of colors. :)
Daarka's avatar
Alright, I ended up buying this--will you explain to me how to plug the images into the code so they show up?
CypherVisor's avatar
You can customize it by changing the following:

.menu a:hover{
background-position:0px -42px;

you can add image by changing the background by changing the above code to something like this:

.menu a:hover{
background-position:0px -42px;
Daarka's avatar
Perfect, thanks!
CypherVisor's avatar
You're most welcome. :hug:
Daarka's avatar
Good to know, thanks!
ImagineCorgis's avatar
Is it possible to "highlight" images when you point a mouse on them, just like this circles?
so basically do this same thing but with custom images? :>
CypherVisor's avatar
Yep. It can be done. :nod:

I am doing a commission for the exact same thing (for someone).. :P
ImagineCorgis's avatar
Well, Im glad to hear that!<3

So will that commission be posted and available to us all, or do I also have to commission you? :P
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