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Broken Vista - 2

Who broke my vista!!!
Broken aero vista black version(without warning message) : [link]

Other versions link :

1 : [link]

2 : [link]

Get the wallpaper pack here : [link]

:bulletred:NOTE : This wallpaper is not to be modified/published anywhere else
without my permission.
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© 2008 - 2022 CypherVisor
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How does one get the broken glass look? I want to make a background to my current one which is the standard windows Lavender background, but behind the broken glass hole is a cat... just staring right back at you O_O

I just cant find a transparent broken glass shot I can use...
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That, I am afraid isn't available.
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Mind telling me where you got that broken glass render/brush/whatever it is? I've been looking for that exact one.
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It is long time back. I do not remember at all. :(
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aw :( well its a very nice piece ;D
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May I use it please? :) I promise to owe you credit. :3
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Where will you be using it?
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I meant to say how will you be using it and for what purpose?
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I'm going to use it to make a Case Closed pic, which is here: [link]
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This is the second time today someone has infringed the usage policy of my artwork and that too using this same wallpaper! I am sorry, but I do not approve of your usage of this wallpaper to gets its derivations because..

1) You have not taken prior permission to modify it and uploaded it without my knowledge.
2) You have removed my watermark from the image
3) You have credited me but no credit or linking back to the original source.

For all these reasons I demand you to remove the deviation immediately otherwise I will report you and the deviation for severe ART THEFT.

This is my final decision and I will not entertain any request on this further!!
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I did it already.
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Thank you. Please take permissions from original creators (whomsoever may it be) before using them.
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This makes sense! :lol:
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