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Napoleonic Europe - 1815 - Seventh Coalition

By Cyowari
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Seventh Coalition/Hundred Days & Congress of Vienna

1789 AD --- 1790 AD --- 1791 AD --- 1792 AD --- 1793 AD --- 1794 AD --- 1795 AD --- 1796 AD --- 
1797 AD --- 1798 AD --- 1799 AD --- 1800 AD --- 1801 AD --- 1802 AD --- 1803 AD --- 1804 AD ---
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1813 AD --- 1814 AD

1812 - Invasion of Russia
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Stupid one hundred days
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Fantastic map!

You can really see the shape of many of Germany's states now.

I wasn't aware of the Coalition occupying so much much of France, probably helped to create resentment.

It is strange, that after so many battles in the wake of the French Revolution, four would form the epilogue.
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Thank you! 

Yep, quite some border stayed similar - although not really the same. (They were often adjusted but only in a minimal scale.) 

Oh yeah, almost everything except Brittany (Loyal Army) and the region south and west of the Loire, except the Pyrenees. 
And of course that was a difficult thing and i think they abandoned it it the course of the Congress to get France back
'to the game' against a strong Prussia & Russia. They wanted to directly annex Poland - and all of Saxony.
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Yep, instead Great Britain compensated Prussia with the Rhineland, thus strongly anchoring it to West Germany and letting it keep an eye on the region considering further french interest. Thus it was ensured an agreement between France and Prussia on the cost of this territory was nearly impossible, alowing Great Britain to play the role of a refree.

Prussia probably wasn't that thrilled.