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Napoleonic Europe - 1805 - Third Coalition

By Cyowari
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1789 AD --- 1790 AD --- 1791 AD --- 1792 AD --- 1793 AD --- 1794 AD --- 1795 AD --- 1796 AD --- 
1797 AD --- 1798 AD --- 1799 AD --- 1800 AD --- 1801 AD --- 1802 AD --- 1803 AD --- 1804 AD ---

27. 07. 2019 - Corrected a small error with a name
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Just wondering if this has crossed your mind, but have you thought about uploading these maps to wikipedia for usages in their corresponding articles?
Cyowari's avatar
Unfortanetely i'm not sure how that would work with licenses - though i put allmost all my maps for free
on (for example) DA and reddit - the high res ones aren't for free or even any other use than private.

Isn't it so that those on wikipedia have some special one - one under them they aren't permitted to be soled, or something like that? (i'm really not sure)
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To be honest, I am not completely sure myself. They have a loophole when it comes to fair use if I remember right on the condition that whatever it is is fairly low resolution. If you have any questions, the Wikimedia Commons has a help desk

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Ahh, I do love seeing more of these maps get drawn...bravo, good sir. 
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Fantastic map!

Hard to believe how Napoleon won nearly every battle.
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Only problem with the map is that it make the Kingdom of Prussia look like it doesn't include the electorate of Brandebourg, imo.
Cyowari's avatar
Thats a problem with the other maps aswell, as long as the HRE exists. On the other hand i think the
colours are relatively close and it emphasizes the point that the eastern parts were never part of the HRE
Areat's avatar
I somewhat agree, but on the other hand "close lookingcolors" are used for France and "Close ally of France but not part of France" while there it is used for "Parts of Prussia out of HRE" and "Parts of Prussia in HRE", aka parts of the same country.

I would suggest adding (Part of Prussia) under the electorate, but that's just my two cents. ;)
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Its also the same for all the Habsburgs lands - on the other hand: those are three very distinct monarchies/states with very different systems of governing their lands.
Maybe a "better" way would be to add another coloured frame/contour around it.
Its also a bit difficult for Prussia: although its part of it at that point in time, it wasn't for a long time before.
Another thing is: its impossible to satisfy everyone, because almost everyone has his own view how things should/could be depicted.
Areat's avatar
Of course. Keep doing your best, how you think it should be done. ;)
Areat's avatar
Both a kingdom of Italy and an Italian republic?
Cyowari's avatar
Yeah, i should have written under the Kingdom that it was proclaimed only in
March 1805 - till then the republic was still in place. So it looks a bit confusing
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Yeah, it make it look like you forgot the title from a previous map when adding the new. ^^'

Cyowari's avatar
Yeah, although its really intended this time :)
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