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Napoleonic Europe - 1803 - Third Coalition

By Cyowari
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27. 07. 2019 - Added some more information on the war theaters outside the map
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Loving this series so far. Can't wait to see the others!

A little point of confusion, the post title says Second Coalition while the map states it's the Third Coalition. I'm assuming we've moved on to the Third?
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Thanks, glad to read that! 

Thats an error - and i right now i wonder why i (or anybody else) hasn't seen it....

Edit: corrected it!
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I didn't catch it until I took a second look at the map's title card. It's a little thing that's easy to miss when your eyes are more focused on the map itself.
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Great one again!

With little change, though, what I miss is a little info about the situation in the info-box, just to give the watcher an idea about the situation behind this map.
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Thanks! Yeah, not much change in regards to the map before. And i'm not too sure what exactly you mean...?
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Just a little info, like:

In this year no major battle was fought on european soil, though the European powers prepared for further conflict. GB recognized France and...

In short what is helpful, but too much for the map. Maybe just three sentences or facts would help the viewer to get a clearer picture of the situation.

Also: I did *reasearch* on Wikipedia. Wasn't the raid in Boulogne 1804?
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Hm, could and something. I think about it. 

And yeah, the Raid one is wrong. Thanks for the hint!
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