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French Revolution - 1802 - Second Coalition

By Cyowari
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1789 AD --- 1790 AD --- 1791 AD --- 1792 AD --- 1793 AD --- 1794 AD --- 1795 AD --- 1796 AD --- 1797 AD --- 1798 AD --- 1799 AD --- 1800 AD --- 1801 AD
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Nice map, though the only action seems to happen outside of europe!
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Thanks and yeah - thats the problem with the way i wanted to depict this. I wanted to focus on France, Italy and the HRE/Austria
because most of battles and border changes happened here. On the other hand: these wars were almost all almost global. 
So its either one way or the other.
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Good point!

I guess once the campaign in Russia starts we get a better view on Europe's eastern half.
Cyowari's avatar
Nope, i have to disappoint you - the image won't change in regards of the parts of europe shown.
But i have another solution for the Russian campaign.
Also, this solution is quite alright, because the campaign happened in just one year.
What i mean by that is: showing more of eastern europe is quite pointless, because not much happens there.
Another point is: showing more of eastern europe makes the map look strange because: why then not show more of Syria and Egypt - which would blow the map too big.
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Good points!

Will be happy to wait.
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I have to say: when i began making those maps i really thought about making it to show all of Europe, but like i wrote above: 
i would have to show much more (especially the Near East) and that would make it impossible to show even the major states 
of the HRE (except Hanover, Saxony, Bavaria, Austria and Prussia - more like the two Hesse, Baden, Württemberg, Nassau 
and Oldenburg and some more) because they would just be too small. Or the map would need to be really big in regards of pixel/resolution. 
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I'm completely with you by this!

You have to set yourself limits where to work in, else you get lost and loose enthusiasm.
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Thanks for understanding and yeah, thats another good point!
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