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French Revolution - 1799 - Second Coalition

1789 AD --- 1790 AD --- 1791 AD --- 1792 AD --- 1793 AD --- 1794 AD --- 1795 AD --- 1796 AD --- 1797 AD --- 1798 AD
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Current Belgium has "Occupied by France since (finally) since" ?
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Yeah, thats an error - it should just read as "occupied (finally) since 1794" - i did that because it was only finalised (officially annexed) in
1795 and was again questioned with the war of the war of the second coalition, so i depicted and labeled it that way.
Although i think France saw it as finally conquered and officially annexed with the treaty/peace of Basel (1795).
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Another great map!

Interesting to see Russian forces so far west so early.

The only problem I have is that the information about Russias withdrawal is in it three times.
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Thanks and yeah, they came all the way to Switzerland. 

You're right, maybe i should atleast delete the one that is't completely visible.
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Prussia has been blobbing and blobbing away. Just a few more years until that stops >:) great series!
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Thanks and yeah, it stops a few years after this but then it "blobbs" one more time (for a few years) and then it starts again. 
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Will you be continuing this series until 1815?
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Of course - although i'm currently thinking of an accurate title for the maps between this one and the
French Empire - but yeah, i'm currently only adding the battlesites/sieges and events.
The political/historical maps are already finished till 1815. And i'm uploading 
two maps each week, this will give me time for said work and future projects.
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Looking forward to it :)
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Glad to read that! 

Well i thought a bit about the title - and i think i go with the definition on Wikipedia. Its still arguable, but i think its alright. 
What i mean by that is, that i hold on to the title of "French Revolution" till and including the map of 1802 - after that it will be "Napoleonic Wars/Europe". 
And of course with a smaller title referencing the actual ongoing war, if so.
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