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French Revolution - 1791

1789 AD --- 1790 AD

08. 6. 2019 - Changed the affiliation of Danzig; again - it was in fact just polish and not autonomous
17. 6. 2019 - Corrected the City-symbols and labeling for Ansbach Bayreuth - had them wrongly depicted as capitals
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Looks awesome
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Sometimes important points in history don't display on the map...

Still great!
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Which one do you think of?
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The failed flight of the French King lead  to the most radicaliced part of the revolution, while beyond the Rhine major powers prepare for wars to come...

Of course the reintegrating of Flanders into Habsburg and such Belgium territory has effects on the present, too, given the separatist movement.
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True, id didn't include more info to direction the revolution takes because of such thing like the flight of the kings, 
but i did atleast include the Pillnitz declaration, which i think gives some hint to the war-preparations of Austria, Prussia and the HRE. 

Well, i didn't wrote a note into this map but i did highlight the Belgian States and there re-conquest by Austria/HRE troops in the other map.
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