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French Revolution - 1789

By Cyowari
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25. 5. 2019 - Changed/corrected the affiliation of Danzig - at that point in time it still was polish, although autonomous
01. 6. 2019 - Added Monaco (forgot to include it in the previously one)
                 - corrected/changed the territory of the uproar (previous map showed the central territories as affected by that, which was incorrect)
08. 6. 2019 - Changed the affiliation of Danzig; again - it was in fact just polish and not autonomous
17. 6. 2019 - Corrected the City-symbols and labeling for Ansbach Bayreuth - had them wrongly depicted as capitals
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Beautiful work! What are your sources? I am student of history and ai really want to use your work in my tesis. Its beaufil, do not is how the others maps, uglys and bored, your maps are dynamitics, with life.
Cyowari's avatar
Thanks - well if you like them so much and want to use them, i propose you give my 
Patreon-site a visit and get one with a not so strong watermark. 
And please think to not use my maps for any other thing than private use,
i don't mind if its for studying or learning or some thesis but everything besides that stuff is off the table.
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I will check your Patreon-site and I totally agree with your conditions. And guess very interest to have a great community of mapers here. I never had looking for real maps and search for RPG maps I found this site and a lot fantasy maps. But I found real maps. In history books we dont have greats maps, its always ancient. Thanks!!!
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This is one of the best quality maps for that period I have ever seen – terrific work!
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Thank you very much! I hope you (and all the others) will like the following maps 
aswell, although the next one or two wont look to different
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Ready to slap on the wall. Nod Thumbs Up

If you ever played Europa Universalis family then BBB* acronym is pretty obvious. For those who never touched EU, France is pretty much unstoppable if you manage to unite it.

* - Big Blue Blob (of Doom) Giggle 
Cyowari's avatar
Thanks, i think. And yeah, played it some years ago and i haven't always got the blue blob, but i know what you mean.
It's so beautiful.Waaaah! Clap 
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The aesthetic and the accuracy of this map is astonishing! I love the details of the revolution written near Paris on the map:)
Cyowari's avatar
Thank you very much! I hope i can keep this up with the following maps, not sure right now but i plan to include
amlost all caimpaigns/army movements and battles and sieges. Though this can get crowded, so i have to decide...
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Immediately before France jammed itself all up in Europe's business.
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Yep, exactly - i'll upload those maps in the following weaks/months
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Amazing map! I love the details!

God the HRE was a mess!
Cyowari's avatar
Thanks! Its the forst one of a new series going on to 1815.
And yes, it was. And i wasn't even able to add all the small ones or differentiate all the curch territories.
Thuringia and the different Anhalt lines are way to complex and these lands to small to include at that scale!
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At last the many small states meant that there has been invested a lot for representation. An amazing are to travel through.

Look forward to see more!
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Hm? I'm not too sure what you mean. Do mean how they all build lots of palaces/baroque castles/palaces
and opera houses? And how they all had a court that at least tried to imitate Versailles?
Hardwing's avatar

Well not quite Versailles, but they definitely gave a lot of cities and villages a special flair which had not come to be, had there been a central state from the start.
Cyowari's avatar
Ah, got it. Yeah sure not the same level, but they tried. Well, that for sure but on the other hand i think it left the
poorer people even poorer. On the other hand it wouldn't be like it is now, if they hadn't build so much things. 

I mean, look at Hesse-Kassel on the map, its a freaking small state even compared to some italian ones but it
has a huge baroque castle and a impressing opera and i just don't know from where they took the money.
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The money had to be made somewhere, true, but had the taxation been much higher than in other countries people would have rebelled more, or just left(man neighbors).

I was always under the impression that the smaller tax-base forced the rulers to use the money a bit more responsible, while the larger density of administrative centers allowed the economic resources being distributed more evenly around the territories.
Cyowari's avatar
Thats also true, yeah. 

Could be, i'm no expert for that matter and haven't read about it. I alwaysgot the impression that they
really just throw there money out of the window. Look at it that way: if they hadn't build those impressive
castles and other things, we wouldn't have those nice looking things, but the people of that time could
maybe had an early form school(ing) or better tools to work with or better food. 

I'm a bit torn apart - i like all those historical things, but in the end they don't matter if some people are too poor or even starving (thats maybe a bit over the top).
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Very well made
Cyowari's avatar
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Wow, extrem viele Details :)
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