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Europe (Detailed) - AD 1941 - 1

By Cyowari
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26.09.2020 - Corrections:
- parts of Baranja were still depicted as being part of Croatia - corrected this
- changed the Netherlands from depicted as 'just' occupied to a (so called) Reichskommissariat
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PathtoEnlighten Digital Artist

Wasn't Albania the same kind of protectorate as Germany's Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia? If so as Bohemia and Moravia are shown in the colour used for Germany would it be the same to have Albania shown in the colour used for Italy?

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CyowariProfessional Digital Artist

Its a relatively good point, though i did depict like it is shown here because of the so called 'Personal-Union' between the Kingdom of Italy and the Kingdom of Albania. Though i reality this difference seems really marginal. I also decided to go with this depiction because of the difference between Albania and Montenegro.

But yes, i'm still not too sure if thats really accurate and if i should change it - have to read into this a bit more.

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Nice map but you have mistakes

  1. Ukrainian border after 1925 (without Crimea that became part of Ukraine in 1954, of course) was modern.

  2. Stavropol was named "Voroshilovsk" in 1935-1943

  3. Soviets don't use names "Tiflis" and "Eviran" for Tbilisi and Yerevan since 1936

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CyowariProfessional Digital Artist

2. Missed it - though, just to be clear: you mean the one in the Kuban region...? The other one would be modern Tolyatti.

3. Though i'm not sure with 3, as the maps using the more commong english names - which often tend to be a bit obscure in various cases and its sometimes different with the more modern english variants.

1. seems to be a bit more complicated, as its not 1925 alone. What i found explicitly mentions 1928, though after that quick search i can't say why.

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2. Stavropol in Caucasus

1. Taganrog and Shakhty okrugs became part of RSFSR in 1924 and Putivl became part of USSR in 1925

I use Russian sources like this

4. I didn't pay attention to Moldova, but it should have modern borders

5. Pay attention to the Rybinsk reservoir - it just started to fill in 1941-1942

6. I may be missing something else