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Keith Emerson, ELP

Keith Emerson, of Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Classic Prog Rock! My tribute to great keyboard wizard Keith, brilliant composer and performer. Emerson, Lake and Palmer were known for their amazing stage effects, from fire and knives to a cannon and a levitating piano. He was also the first person to use a Moog synthesizer on a rock concert stage. 

This illustration is featured in Progression Magazine issue #69, with a great tribute article to Keith Emerson: 

note: 4/22/2016 : Keith was daring and brilliant, always taking risks and pushing his limits artistically.   I had promised two years ago that I would re-paint his right hand for him. The original painting needed correcting, and I put it off because a Moog is kind of a pain to paint. Sadly I am reminded that time waits for no one. I'm really going to miss him. 
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He’s partly the reason why I’m into synthesizers.
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What wonderful detail. From looking at this I can hear "Tarkus" or "Karn Evil 9" in my mind. 
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Really beautiful.
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This is incredible!  Keith was a huge idol of mine and I was devastated when he died.  I love, love this picture. (I'm listening to Pictures at an Exhibition as I type this)
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Great Tribute of him, Emerson, Lake and Palmer should belong to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
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Thank you for this. Love ELP, loved Keith. For some reason, of all the great musicians who have died over the last year, his death hit me the hardest... He was a great musician, but he also seemed so alive, so full of fight - it was heartbreaking to hear that he came to a point where he just gave up.
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What made you decide to remove the bionic hand?
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I know someone who was very close to Keith personally.  When I did the first painting with the bionic hand, he told me Keith loved the painting but didn't like the bionic hand . I guess it reminded him of his past injury and I have read some reports that this contributed to his depression before he died. (the hand injury, not my painting.)   To make matters worse, some Japanese CD makers ripped off my original painting from 2012 and used it for their CD artwork. So Keith must have seen that too at some point. :(
Beautiful artwork. Love your artwork on Keith Emerson
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Thanks so much ! :hug:
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I'm straight male, but this drawing made me have the finest boner.
A perfect drawing of the perfect person made by a perfect artist.
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Was it because of the talent the music or are you not admitting you got the hots for keith Emerson?
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i love elp so hard. pictures at an exhibition is my favorite.
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me too! I must confess that my faves are the tracks that Greg sings and plays The Sage - it somehow compliments Keith's incredible keyboards and Carl's percussion, brings a human perspective and emotion to the music. Together they rule :D
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EHRMAGERD! :iconlawooplz: i love the sage
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Wow so cool! I love how you literally made him a physical part of the music with the chords and the piano keys surrounding him. It definitely correlates to the video you posted (which was also amazing- I've never seen anything so crazy-mad-awesome in my life, lol). As usual, you have an excellent eye for detail, especially the paint strokes for the hairs on his torso and the ornamentation on his jacket. I also think the robotic hand was a great idea!
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Thanks so much! :tighthug:
I read his autobiography a couple of years ago...Pictures of an Exhibitionist...Keith is a kind of crazy-mad-daredevil. He injured his right hand badly and needed an operation or two on it (almost ended his career) so the "bionic" hand seemed fitting! He's kind of wired right into the Machine. Chest hairs are always a pain, they take a delicate touch (I water down my paint and use my thinnest brush) but they needed to be there. The jacket was hard (the black parts in the photo blended right into the background black, so I had to guess where the outline was).

The piano video was nuts.
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Oh geez, that's so crazy (glad it wasn't a career killer- that would've been tragic!) I'd imagine the chest hairs would require such care, and it's always a pain when something dark fades into the background, because then you have to estimate where the element actually cuts off, lol. And agreed! The video was awesome though, it made me very interested in his music =]
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Those keys! :omg: So much detail! You bring so much life into regular pictures with your paintings. This is incredible.

Oh, and I've always loved that flying piano video. :XD:
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This was my first time seeing it! (the flying piano) yeah, Keith was such a daredevil!

I don't know why I did the piano keys going in the DNA formation, it was just one of those crazy ideas that hit me...but sheesh! they were a royal pain in the butt to do. I still need to touch them up!
If I had put all his crazy stage props in it would have been overload, so I did as much as I could! I just loved that shot of his sweaty abs, he looked so masterful in the photo I used as ref :D

hey, thanks so much! :tighthug: Glad you like it! :D
Chocolate-Luver's avatar
You're very welcome.:tighthug:It looks like it took ages! Did you have a problem with the symmetry?
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