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Jack White

Jack White
Inspired by his recent Blunderbuss tour, with his favourite blue color. I've wanted to do a portrait with one of his hats, and this pose reminded me a bit of Clockwork Orange's Malcolm McDowell.
Dedicated to my friend ~GuitarLuv and all you Jack White fans!

tech details:
10x16" oil painting on Strathmore Mixed Media board
approx 10 hours time
ref photo used: [link]

there's wallpaper and iPhone sizes on my website: [link]
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I look like a woman
But I cut like a buffalo XD

Amazing job!!! It looks really good
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Nice! Great painting. I can't believe how much he looks like Johnny Depp.
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Nice my friend i so love your work..Hope your doing well..Miss our chats..:)
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Hi Lady J, thanks!
I hope all is well with you, and your daughter and your new life...

I have been rather immersed in the challenge of digital painting, and work for clients, but I will get back here and post more new work soon. And I am not abandoning traditional, not at the moment I am disciplining myself not to fall back on my tried and true techniques(traditional), and keep pushing out of my comfort zone. I know in the end it will all serve the same purpose: to be versatile and switch effortlessly between mediums when needed. :D

My daughter has graduated high school and will be headed to NYC for art school this fall at Parson' I'll miss her dearly but have lots more time (I hope) to be here :D
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Thats good to hear that you are busy..Me im trying to find a job..:(
Its hard when your ex would not let you work for 30 years..and now you 57
and no work history..
so it been tuff..
sam is going to be getting married next april 13 and so i guess i will be helping..
i really miss her..but its been good to be by myself..
some days i get a little sad tho..but all in all its been good to only relie on myself..
Well im glad your art is taking off mine is still not doing much..
i guess if you really want to sale your work you really need to do Digital..
i could never get the realisum with a sharpie..
Well take care it really good to hear from you..:)
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fantastic!! *dies of awe*
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Fantastic!! His face is so beautiful!! :love:
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It's so amazing! I can't believe you can make him look so life like ^-^ and I couldn't help but smile that you dedicated this painting to me :D As always your work never ceases to blow me away. lol if you haven't seen his new music vid "shakin" check it out the concept is so cool :)
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aww, thanks! :D well you're a huge Jack White fan and suggested I do him in a hat, which was a great idea :) And it's more of an up-to-date one of him, as well... I must check out his new video, he comes out with such great stuff! I loved his one for 16 saltines :heart:
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Your welcome :) in so glad your painting came out so amazing with his hat! I love how for this album he is all into the pastel blues and black as a combination. It's like with the white stripes he had the color combo of red, white, and black. Have you also checked out his music video for freedom at 21? I love that one too :)
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That's a GREAT song, Freedom at 21! I love it!
I'm not sure about the "Blues on Two Trees" ...not because Jack can't pull it off...if anyone can, he can...I'm not usually a big fan of you like it?
He loves being minimalist, or like he says "putting limitations on himself forces him to be creative"'ve probably seen this, you may have sent me the link, I's been awhile, but I love what he says on this video (from White Stripes under the great northern lights documentary!) [link]
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Once again, another fantastic job! I love how you painted the eyes and his face (the flesh really looks like it is sitting in all the right places when a person has their head tilted). I like the color palette you used as well, the warm colors and smoky brush strokes behind him make me feel like he's standing on stage and the lights are hitting against him =] (btw when I received a comment from you on the Keith Emerson painting, it only said "He", so I think DeviantArt did something crazy there, haha).
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Aww, thanks! :dance: - sorry if my reply is late, because I thought I replied a LONG time ago! (My DA acts really buggy sometimes).
I am trying to be very careful about getting all the shape and color correctly...anatomy-wise! So many colors in skin, because it is a bit translucent :) Every painting presents a new challenge!...I re-worked this a couple of times before I was happy :D I do like working with color complement schemes alot :icondeathhugplz:
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Thanks! I re-painted this one- well parts of him- a couple of times. I liked the pose with the strong light source and the shadow of his hat brim, and the contrasty-ness between him and the stage set...I added the colored smoke after...I'm finally getting better at that with traditional paint using a paper towel instead of a brush :) It was to give a sense of depth and space.
Yes, I do love using color complements!
How's your work going?

Oh, DA probably did that crazy error thing...sometimes I hit "add comment" and it gives an error...but not with one word...that's cryptic, LOL :XD: I've even answered so many people or commented (like in one session) that DA calls it "spam" and won't add the comment, LOL...that's when I know I've been on too much and time for bed :D
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Ah, it's always a pain to repaint things, but it always seems worth it in the long-run haha. And I couldn't have guessed you used a paper towel, that's a good idea!

As for my own work, I'm still building my portfolio and trying to get my work out there so hopefully I can catch that "big break." I've had a few offers so far (one was a published comic book writer), but I turned them down because I didn't see the projects going anywhere. I've actually started to do portraiture (I have to admit you kinda inspired me haha!) and I really enjoy doing it. I went to Comic Con NYC a couple weekends ago and networked a bit in the Artist Alley and I think it went pretty well. One of the people I exchanged info with was an art representative from Comic Art House, and I think I'm going to email him tomorrow. Hopefully I'm making the right move haha!

And oh geez, DA gives me weird errors sometimes as well. I'll be typing a comment and when I click "Add Comment" it claims I'm logged out and I have to log in again :roll: Lol, that's so funny how DA thinks you're spamming when just answering comments. They should fix that somehow. I noticed their upload page is different now, and I actually like it much better (I thought the other way was a little buggy haha). What do you think of the new upload page they got going on?
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Lots of people are into portraiture these days...I find it really the hardest - it requires such fine-tuned observation skills as well as anatomy skills - those were 2 areas I was weak in when I started. I could still use plenty of improvement :)
Hey, speaking of cartoon and concept type jobs, have you ever heard of Chris Oatley? He worked full time for Disney but he's more freelance now and is online with alot of good tutorials and inside advice on breaking into the business of being an Illustrator. He's got some great advice about building your portfolio. his website is [link] Even though I'm not interested in cartoon or animation, what he has to say is valid great advice and guidance for any might find something interesting there that could be helpful:)

I haven't uploaded anything since Jack White, must be a recent change, I'll have to check it out :) They're always doing something lately in site upgrades :D
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I agree, if just a bit of the anatomy in the face is off, then it looks like the person in the portrait got a nose job or something lol. (And personally I think the anatomy in your paintings are spot on haha!)

Nah, I never heard of Chris Oatley, but now I do haha! Thanks so much for the link! I was looking through the site and he gives so much information. I am definitely going to sit down and watch his tutorials on the digital painting, they seem like they will be very instructive. His posts seem great too, I'm excited to go through it =D
Cynthia-Blair's avatar
I think he gets right to the main issue. I like that.
It can get so damn confusing at times...composition, edges, lights and darks, anatomy, perspective, mood...agggh!
My anatomy is pretty good but could be better! I skipped way too many figure drawing classes :(
ElainaUnger's avatar
Haha, it's ok, DA gets confusing when there's a lot of comments! And I think your art fairs pretty well without a load of figure drawing classes tbh! Especially the new piece you did, it looks great! I'm going to get a better look at it right now =]
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