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Alan Rickman 2015

Alan Rickman. Always.
(in the unforgettable role of Professor Snape)
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he died 2016 not 2015 but otherwise gorgeous art ^^
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Lovely tribute :) Last weekend, I watched the Harry Potter marathon in honor of Alan Rickman. And then, I watched the "Severus Snape Important Scenes In Chronological Order" tribute video on YouTube. Man, I cried uncontrollably until midnight. :'( You can always check out the video if you want.
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I'm so glad we have artists like you to capture the likeness of such a superb actor! 
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One of my most favourite actors, so sad to see him go.  He was made for the part of Severus Snape, though he was good at everything he did, but sometimes it is difficult to see Alan without seeing Snape and vice versa.

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Very true indeed.  Although he played many wonderful roles, I think his Professor Snape was one that most of us will remember as his most memorable. He  brought Snape to life in a way that was unforgettable for so many of us. 
And thank you :)
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never got tired of your paintings of him.
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I like this pic very much. He was really good actor.
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rest in piece Alan Rickman. He was a great actor and will be remembered.
Your art piece is beautiful
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Thanks so much! :)
Indeed he shall be remembered.
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you're very welcome
Yes, he shall be remembered forever in our hearts
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David Bowie and now Alan..
Both at the same age of 69,
and both of cancer,
same year,
only a few days apart.

Panda Emoji-23 (Cry) [V2] 
Life has other plans.
R.I.P. you beautiful works of art..!

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I know, right? What a shock to lose them both, days apart. :(
Thank you so much :)
I must tribute David Bowie as well.
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Amazing. He was a great actor.
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Thanks so much.
His roles will be remembered.
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Sure thing. I love your art, it's absolutely beautiful !
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Very good picture of Alan Rickman. He was a very good actor.
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Thanks! He certainly was :)
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Wonderful work! RIP, Alan... :heart:
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Sad to lose him to the Dark Lord after all.
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