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The Scales of Balance

Zodiac project that :icongoingbrinanas: invited me in >w< :heart:

I had forgotten about it until she reminded me recently XD

One of the qualities that Alena has in common with the Libra sign is her strive for peace and harmony. Her strong desire to avoid conflict reflect another of Libra's qualities. Likewise, Alena is also polite and prefer to talk things through rather than to take up her sword (unless forced).

Alena © Me


On a side note, my health is recovering slowly but I'm not in extreme pain like before~ =v=

-sobs- Mistakes everywhere but after drafting so much, I decided to leave things as is...
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Ahh this is so pretty! Every time I come back to dA you improve like 23478 times @_@ 
Cynphonium's avatar
E-Ehhh? Really? =///7//= B-But I don't think I improved as much as you did ^^;;;
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I can't believe I didn't comment on this yet!
The colors, anti, the cooooolooooooooors :iconwooowplz: 
The dark blue back ground off-sets her gorgeous hair and the warm light from the FREAKN ADORABLE STARS so perfectly~
Cynphonium's avatar
DAFADSFDSA :iconasdfghplz: Eeeee, thankyou fure-cchi ; v ; <3333 :heart:
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So pretty!!
I hope you feel better! //hugs
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I love girls so much!  They can look so normal and typical, only to suddenly impress with their beautiful dresses and hairstyles! ^_____^
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Ahaha, especially when they dress up ^ w ^
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This is absolutely stunning~ ^^
Cynphonium's avatar
Thankyou so much~! >W< :heart:
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Awe this is just beautiful!!! Can´t find another word for it!!!

Leon:*smiling with a light blush on his face* Just too beautiful
Cynphonium's avatar
Awww, thanks so much Cae~! >w< :heart:

Alena: :iconchitandasmileplz: Leon...~~ <333
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Gorgeous as always Maiyu! > u<b
On another note, good to hear that your health is starting to improve! <33
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Thankyou so much Yumecchi~! \ >w< / :heart:

Awww, thankyou! It's improving slowly but hopefully I'll be able to move around more when school approaches ; v ;
lolita-stocking's avatar
You're welcome! :heart:
I hope so! That would be a big pain to deal with otherwise I'm sure. D:
When do you start school?
Cynphonium's avatar
Mhm ^^;
Sitting down even for a minute feels very uncomfortable because you can feel some of the pain throbbing in your spine and since I'm taking nursing classes, each class is 3 hours long ; n ;''''

I start on the 28th of this month I believe? ; v ;''
lolita-stocking's avatar
Oh gosh. D: That's so soon! I hope it doesn't interfere with your classes, that would be horrible. ; v;
Cynphonium's avatar
I hope so too ; ~ ;
That's why I'm hoping to get it fixed as soon as possible but I would need to get constant treatment >~< to get better even just a little
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So pretty Anti!! <3333
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:iconblushplz: Aww, thankyou so much green! ; v ; :heart:
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You did a lovely job.
I think you did a fantastic job. <3
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Aww, thankyou~!! >W< :heart:
Yuzexion's avatar
This is beautiful!!! >u<
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