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PS4 - tan

I haven't done much lately except designing new characters...and now my latest one, PS4-tan.

It's based on the white one that I have that keeps booting up in the middle of the night... Big Fool Emoji-14 (Stalk Much) [V2] 

nevermind the Wheatley plush he's holding
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So cool I love you ps4
dreamselfycreated's avatar
omfg he's so adorable.
InnocentxGuilt's avatar
So cute!! ; o; )
You make me wanna do gijinka designs of my own huhu
Caellean's avatar
Awwwwe it's soooo cute!! Although I don't own a ps4 ;-) i think this is adorable
furesiya's avatar
ours does that too!! Wtf is it doing?!
I love his rest mode face though xD <3
Cynphonium's avatar
I really don't know! There's a bunch of people who have the same problem and there's no permanent solution. :(

Scared the crap out of me when it booted up when I was asleep one time e_e
furesiya's avatar
they must.. just be.. really needy.. hoping for attention in the middle of the night x'D?
NotDamien's avatar
SO CUUUTE * V* I love it ! 
S3rb4n's avatar
Simply adorable.
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wow such nice designs---- sdfhsdfsf it's always fun to have lots of new ocs <:
it boots up going " play with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
Cynphonium's avatar
Ahaha I have too many though that it's gotten really hard to track them; v ;

For real, I feel like that's what my PS4 is likeeee. I have to unplug it manually when it keeps booting up;;;;
daypoo's avatar
awww ; 7 ;
have you considered auctioning/giving the ones you don't use away?
( or just too much sentimental value cause imo that's my problem with the idea LMFAO)

omg... shhhhh satanic PS4  
Cynphonium's avatar
I've thought about it but then I realize I get attached to them even though they have no use anymore lol

satanic PS4 will come to get you at night huehuehue e u e
daypoo's avatar

it sees u when you're sleeping, it knows when you're awake--- oh wait wrong season//punched
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