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Misawabi-High : Sakuragi, Ren


12/22/15: App is done!

The student council's carefree Historian!


Name: Sakuragi, Ren (桜木 レン)
Age: 18 
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Demisexual
Height/Weight: 5'11'' (180cm) / 154 lbs (70kg)
Birthday: February 20

Year: 3
Class: 3-E
Extracurriculars: Student Council (Historian)


✦ Hearty  |  ✦ Understanding  | ✦ Relaxed   |  ✦ Playful

= Restrained  |  = Whimsical

✖ Aloof  |  ✖ Indecisive |  ✖ Moody  |  ✖ Calculating

Ren is one of those carefree and playful types that doesn't take anything seriously. He's the kind of person who likes to live in the present and doesn't think too much about the future. While he can be unpredictable at times, Ren does care a lot about others even if he may not show it directly. He can easily flatter people but doesn't know how to take compliments well. Because of his fear of rejection and unwanted criticism, Ren has a tendency to keep his distance from people, even from the student council. So he laughs off everything and doesn't take things to heart even though he feels lonely at times.

Due to his indecisive personality, Ren is unsure what he really wants in life so he makes it up as he goes along. It's notwell known but Ren can be sometimes a bit of a flirt depending on who he's talking to.


Ren was born into a family of doctors, travelling doctors specifically. Due to these circumstances, Ren constantly transferred between schools, never staying in one city for a long period of time. It never bothered him much, all this travel that is. Rather, he enjoyed seeing new places and soon, this became the norm....until the birth of his younger brother, Hiro. Unfortunately, Ren's little sibling was born with poor health, and the consistent need to travel affected him poorly.

Because of this situation, the boys' parents decided to fly back to their hometown in Hakkomori, Japan to settle down for a while, at least until Hiro's health had recovered. As usual, their stay didn't last very long. With a new job offers meant that the family had to relocate. But under what circumstances? Hiro couldn't travel and the parents couldn't leave their youngest son alone in Japan. Staying with relatives seemed like a plausible option but Ren adamantly rejected it, as none of the family members liked him.

Eventually, Ren convinced his mother and father that he would stay and take care of his younger brother until they were done with their job overseas. His parents refused at first but finally agreed on the condition that they would send money over time in order to help with the finances. Ren accepted it, and in the years that followed his enrollment into Misawabi-High and employment as a part time waiter (extra allowance money), his brother's health gradually improved.


✤Wears black framed glasses but usually only does so in the classrooms and during his job. Ren's near sighted so he only requires them to see something legible from far away. Although he sometimes forgets to take them off and wears them everywhere.

✤ Wears sapphire studs on both his ears and a silver ring on his right pinky. The ring is a good luck charm given to him by his grandmother before she passed away.

✤ Has a mole under his left (our right) eye.

✤ Sometimes ties his hair half way.

✤ Because of his circumstances, Ren eventually learned how to cook for the sake of his little brother's health.

✤ May come off as lazy by some teachers because Ren sleeps a lot in his classes (due to his schedule) but he makes up for it by studying hard to pass his exams.

✤ Good at knitting and making crafts like phone charms, accessories. Because his mother took up jewelry as a hobby when she was young, he picked this up from her.

Seiyuu: Shimazaki Nobunaga quiet time with Ren


✤ Seafood
✤ Tamago kake gohan (it's his favorite dish)
✤ Sleeping
✤ Movies

✤ Oranges
✤ Milk (soy ok, regular milk = not okay)
✤ Rainy weather (very moody when this happens)

✤ LINE: Chat RPs
Twitter: Tweets for headcanons/drawn responses, message for RP
✤ Idk, just message me if you want to RP and we'll work something out

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Would you like to rp sometime? oVo
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Antiiiiii, I wanna rp with chu eventuallyyyy. ovo
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If you have time, wanna do RP??
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YES. <3 Where would you like to do it? I'm open to any source~~
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I can do it anywhere? Which would you prefer? O:
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HM--- well I've been on Utau's twitter most of the time, but I can do DA notes as well. And LINE if the responses aren't super long.. //bad finger pecker 8'D;;;
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Twitter? Do the students have a twitter to RP now? O:
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Yeah! Sounds like some of them have connectivity issues with the DA chat rooms. I was a little hesitant to sign up for twitter just for my character, but it's surprisingly a lot of fun. There's probably almost 70 "students" on there and it makes meeting other students a lot easier too for your baby(cause the students just treat it like its some kind of social media site). A lot of motivation to draw for the group comes from all the chaos as well, and it's honestly been a super long time since I've felt so involved with an RP group due to the ease of it. Though I think it wouldn't hurt to get some more RP events on the DA side of it, lol! 
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I heard about that too and that the chatrooms are somewhat buggy;;;

Do you have a twitter link? I'm thinking of joining even if it's just for a while
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o shet its da sempai
hope we get to rp 8)
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Such a dedicated onii-san gosh :iconomgsocuteplz:
plz be my onii-chan too and feed me /hit

I really love his color scheme and design tho! You wouldn't think
his outfit was the school uniform with his appearance lol.
Hope I can get a chance to interact with this senpie if I manage to get in (/ w \)
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Come here and let onii-chan take care of you U v U

I would love to interact with my kouhai if you get in! :D
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omg so this is rly late 'coz i've been mroe active on twitter
but if ur still up for interacting would u wanna do a thing maybe??? (/ w \)
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Yes of course! How should we do it?? O:
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I have line if you prefer that???
We can just head off to notes too if u wanna lit ; v ;
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I think LINE would be easier since I'm rarely on DA;;;

What's yours? Mine is antikuu
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same here!

i already sent a request. mentioned my username over there
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ahh SC Historian is a cutie o //3// o) 
I'm loving his design and his hair u//////u
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Ahhh ty, ty!

//whispers Treasurer Jomei looks so cool * - * :heart:
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np np! u////u hope we can rp or headcannon our characters sometime~ <3

dsljflsjfahhh whythankyou---he'sprettylamethouhahaha--
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//kidnaps adorable Hiro :iconheplz:
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