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I really love Inigo too much that I can't marry any other character...Big Fool Emoji-19 (You done) [V2] :heart:
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I feel your pain. Honestly sometimes I contemplate marrying Inigo..... but then I think, no.. 'cuz he's a 2nd gen. character.. and a part of me tells me that it's wrong... 'cuz he's younger than MU... or is he? I can't tell... Ugh this is so hard!!stress 
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I'm doing this pairing for my Lunatic playthrough because I wanted to see what it was like... and looked up the supports on youtube... wTF WHY ARE THEY SO CUUUUUUTEEEEEEEE *dies*
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This was one of the cutest pairings and I was honestly so glad I married Inigo <333

I really wish Lon'qu and Gaius had a special DLC support too :\
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I don't think there is a Lon'qu one, but Gaius? Summer Scramble.

But whatever. Inigo is precious, and he must be protected at all costs.
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No, Lon'qu doesn't have but wait, Gaius has one?? I know he has a special CG scene but I didn't know he had a special support with the mu?
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Like special conversations. Like, you have them stand next to each other and have one talk to the other... and from what I heard from a friend, it's pretty sweet in the summer scramble. I'll have to look it up, though
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hnn I forever love your chibi styleee~ Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
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I feel like chibis are the only thing I can do ahaha Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2]

I need to practice more so I can draw manry men like you Big Simfool Emoji-22 (Pervy) [V4] :heart:
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lol I love Inigo too ><
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He's too precious, we need to protect the precious babe Big Fool Emoji-13 (Cool) [V2] 
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Oh my gosh they look so cute ; u ; so much details with this! <3
I have to ask, who's hair does Inigo have? xD
Cynphonium's avatar
Thankyou!! ^7^/

Inigo has Chrom's hair! I can't imagine him with anyone else's hair (maybe Henry's because Henry and Olivia's support is too cute) :D
IWillFly's avatar
Oh gosh, my Inigo has the same hair XD It'swaytoperfect
> u <
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Great detail, this is lovely.
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Ahhhh so cute! *____* I love all the little pixel details too! :heart:
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Ahhh thankyou Cire! :heart:

I tried to put as many details as I could because fire emblem clothing is so complicated TT 7 TT
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LOOOOL I'm the same. XDD
That darn Inigo is just too freakin' charming.
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We're in too deep Big Fool Emoji-06 (Blush) [V2]  :heart:

If he wasn't so charming, I'd stick with Lonqu but that hot spring DLC never made me squeal more
Saiiza's avatar
I'm too cheap to buy the DLC so I just watch it on Youtube haha xP
Cynphonium's avatar
Ahaha I spent so much on the DLCs cause I know I'm never returning this game to my brother X'D
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Oww so cute! I love your style. *-*
Cynphonium's avatar
Uwahh thank you sweetie! * - * :heart:
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so cute! i love the details~ <3
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