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In regards to my last journal, I figured that if I was making a stretch as much far as to already make a new account "just in case," that I should probably jump over there. If I question it so much, then I should probably accept that I do really want to move.

I will not delete or deactivate this account, but simply use it as more of an archive of my old work from this point back. I'll also most likely re-submit a the couple more recent drawings that I submitted here, since those are more up-to-date. 

Reason being is that I can't really say that I'm as connected and associated to the internet persona that I presented as when I was using this account a lot, and I don't want it to seem like I'm somebody entirely different. Similarly of course, my artwork as improved ten fold and I want to have my better pieces grouped separate. 

The new account is sidereaI , so If you still want to follow my artwork and who I am more as a person now, please head over there. I'm starting completely fresh and I'd really appreciate having a couple people following me than starting completely empty handed.

I used this account for four years and this is a really longtime coming after having gotten attached to this account as a whole, but everybody needs a fresh start sooner or later, ya know?? 

And, not to make this sound pretentious, but for the people who do follow me, have talked to me, or overall supported me, thank you so much for making this account something I'm attached to and something that took a lot of thought to decide to move on from. It really does mean the world : ) 

For the next few days, I'll still be on this account back and forth, as I need to transfer over things from to the new account, as well as seeing if anyone tries to contact me through here. Soon enough, I hope to log out of this account almost completely.

Again, thank you so much for everything on here - Cynn



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