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Fluttershy Steam Skin

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Completely customized skin for Steam featuring Fluttershy!
Fourth of a series of 6.

Comes with optional font to fit the style.

Credit for the background goes to :iconmegasweet:
Credit for the chubby pony goes to :iconphantomdarklover:
Credit for picture editing, theme coloring and custom friend box goes to :iconacidikrane:
Credit for the font goes to Apostrophic Labs on


Extract the zip file and move the folder MLP - Fluttershy to (steam folder)\skins (Make sure that the folder isn't inside another folder called MLP - Fluttershy).

Default Steam folder is "C:\Program Files\Steam"

To install the font, right click the file "WHACKAD_" and click "Install Font" or double-click the font file and click "Install".
© 2012 - 2020 cynicalTechlord
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on work-e with steam

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Nice skin,
I love it, but my steam profile name goes to top left on the 🔙 key...
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Sly-WingsStudent Digital Artist
if you guys are having problems finding how to download it and set it up check out my youtube of how to do it here is the link to my channel…
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FlutterBunniesHobbyist Digital Artist
SO CUTE!!! But when i extracted the files and installed the font then restarted Steam the layout wasn't put in.. maybe it was the update probably? or was it something wrong i did? Help! Emotipony Sad  I really want to use this!! 
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You have to go to steam settings and then interface to set the skin
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LabatrythProfessional Writer
Aww how adorable! I am so using this on my client!!!
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In the friend messaging tab the text is the same color as the background, of which you would have to highlight to read.
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serpent22Hobbyist Artist
I gusta.
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Is there any way to move the "Big Picture Mode" Button from the top left above the "Steam" Button to the right?
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maxlefouHobbyist Digital Artist
I have the same problem. the part with my name is misplaced too.. I was blaming linux on  it 
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I've been having some trouble with this lately.. It seems the background for chat has somehow goofed itself. IIRC.. It should be either gradiant pink/blue (or similar) or yellow. But when I changed to this theme just a few minutes ago, the background is the same pink as all the text making my messages impossible to read.
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The issue is because of the newest steam update. Mine (if not all) steam skins are doing it. I believe it is because steam has launched an update, that disables the option for a message backround.
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hotwheels14901Student General Artist
when will the skin be updated? if ur going to update it that is, r u going to update it?
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You cannot ever fix this issue, as far as we know now. It really sucks that, that happened.
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hotwheels14901Student General Artist
:o what did happen? <gs id="90e86ac2-3974-4154-acda-bd3ab6157a2c" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="5bc3e208-0991-4f28-ab22-d4644c5203d4" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">what</gs> did they do?
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I'm assuming it's not letting you use the skin. That's because steam is slowly.. well..

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hotwheels14901Student General Artist
so no more skins?
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No. They just need to be updated.. Constantly it seems..

I'll look at making some updated and recent pony ones. It'll be fun! I'll even take requests!
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Awww. And I think you might be right. You can still change background colours, but yeah. I haven't seen any images since the updates.
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cynicalTechlord Sorry to bother you.. But this is kind of an important issue.. Any ideas what I can do about it?
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guinea-pigs-foreverHobbyist Digital Artist
This is amazing! ^u^ I'm on steam all the time! :D
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I love this thank you
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