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Published: May 11, 2016
WARNING: LOTS of swearing and opinions down below. Read at your own risk.

This has gone on for long enough, and I am sick and tired of all of it.


Any updates and added information will be provided near the bottom of this journal.


It is about fucking time I brought all of this to light. You stopped talking to me and un-watched me, so I can only assume you want nothing else to do with me. I don't have to defend you anymore. We're not friends, and now it's time to warn others so that they don't have to go through the same BULLSHIT you put me and so many other people through.

A little journal for his 'friends' and 'white knights';
This journal is for me to finally come out and say all the shit he has put me and countless other people through. I am not here to attack him, but others need to know the sort of bullshit he throws at his so-called 'friends'. Come and state an argument if you want - just TRY to defend this low-life. More and more people are coming to me every day with dirt on him. We'll catch him out soon.


Back in 2015, Febuaray time, I began to see what his true colours were. And so, I made a journal as a message to him;
A Message.:iconthechaosruler:
First things first:
I am not PICKING on him or BULLYING him in anyway. I am trying to HELP him.
But I am tired of his bullshit. Any hate comments will simply be hidden and the person blocked.
I'm done with this shit.

I just spoke to you about what you're going through.
We've had many conversation before where I've tried to help you, but you're NOT GETTING ANY BETTER.
Seems like everything I do for you, you just throw back in my fucking face. I'm trying to help you, I really am, but you're wearing my patience thin.
"now you know why im so lifeless and depressed everyday.."
...Grow up.
If these people are saying this shit to you, then BLOCK THEM!! Jesus Christ dude, it's not that fucking hard.
To me it seems like you haven't block them because you WANT them to bring all this dra

I was stupid enough to think I could still help him, and didn't just block him then and there.

We had various conversations over notes and he claimed he would 'change'. Surprise, it's been another YEAR and all that happened is he got worse. Parts of the conversation we had after he saw that journal;
Cr2 by Cynical-Sushi  Cr5 by Cynical-Sushi  Cr13 by Cynical-Sushi  Cr13 by Cynical-Sushi
  Not only does he scam people out of art, he is a liar and makes promises he cannot keep. He has scammed me and SEVERAL other people out of artwork, as well as being manipulative and turning friends against each other.
He makes NO fucking effort to change himself, despite the fact he said he would. In my opinion, he will NEVER change. People like that don't.

  The fact he claims he suffers from 'mental abuse' and is 'depressed' is not only bullshit, but also extremely offensive and hurtful. Sure, he might have had a tough time with bullies and school, but what kid hasn't? I know I have. And I know that almost every other person my age and older has. He life might not be perfect, but nothing in this world is perfect. He is complaining about things some people WISH they could have - a decent family, a roof over their heads, and education, for crying out load.

  He used to threaten me with the fact he was considering suicide, then ask for free fetish art to make him 'feel better'.
One time, he said to me - AND I QUOTE - 'Are you afraid I may take my life?' and after I panicked and told him not too, he said something along the lines of; 'I'm sorry. I'm not feeling good right now. Can you draw something to make me feel better?'

  He would constantly ask me for free art or 'trades'. Most often, this art would be to fuel his fetishes of over-sized assess and inflation. And, it clearly states I DON'T draw fucking fetish art. Not to mention I could do a full body digital piece, and all I would get in return from him would be a half-assed doodle I could barely see! I called him out on this SEVERAL times and tried to also help him in a constructive and supportive way, but did he change? No. He didn't.

Example; An 'art trade' I did with him some time ago
My Half; Dark Souls Lilac   Trade By Zombii Milkshake-d8lo2 by Cynical-Sushi
His Half; My 'art Trade' by Cynical-Sushi
See what I mean?
  Not only does his half look ridiculous, he has drawn my character COMPLETELY out of character, which I asked him NOT to do SEVERAL times before. He over-sexualises characters for his own damn amusement/fetishes, even if the characters are not his own.
Bearing in mind he asked for a coloured pencil sketch, and his doesn't have colour, despite the fact I said whatever I make I expect in return, as is the terms for ALL of my art trades.

Once, I regretfully asked for a custom from him. A FNAF animatronic hamster. Bearing in mind, the animatronics are made for a KIDS RESTURANT.
This is what I did in payment; -Deviation put in Storage after account clean up-
AND THIS WAS THE CUSTOM; My 'custom' by Cynical-Sushi
What's with the fucking giant tits and heels?! I didn't ask for any of that!
Not to mention you can SEE HER PANTIES. What the fuck. I asked for a simple animatronic Hamster and I get an over-sexualised fuck-doll? Not cool, man. Not cool.

He only has his characters for the purpose of sexual/fetish works. And, most of the time, he gets these characters for FREE, either from gifting by his 'friends' or begging.
For example;
I made him a custom Kirby-styled character at one point, seen here; Kirby custom by Cynical-Sushi
And THIS so far has been the ONLY THING HE'S DONE WITH IT; His 'art' by Cynical-Sushi
Please bear in mind that the picture of his custom does NOT have a giant ass. That is her DRESS, as WAS REQUESTED BY HIM. If I had known he'd have done that, I would have said no flat out at the start.

He would often ask to RP. Which doesn't sound too bad, until you see that THAT was to fuel his fetishes as well.
Unfortunantly I don't have a lot of proof for these roleplays except when he asked me over notes. I deleted him over Skype a LONG time ago so I didn't have to do these stupid 'roleplays' anymore.
But I can guarantee you, the RP would start off OK and then drop like a fucking brick into him trying to get me to do inflation/ass crap. He would also ask me to draw 'scenes' from the RP, which was pretty much just an excuse to try and get me to draw inflation art.
Cr8 by Cynical-Sushi  Cr 3 by Cynical-Sushi  Cr10 by Cynical-Sushi  Cr15 by Cynical-Sushi  Cr16 by Cynical-Sushi  Cr17 by Cynical-Sushi

Let me state, I have no problem with people having fetishes. But when he started asking me to do these drawings and roleplays, that's when I started getting uncomfortable with him talking about it. I TOLD him I wasn't comfortable talking about these things on SEVERAL occasions, and he would STILL harass me with those kinds of things.

And I'm not the only one who's had problems with him.
<da:thumb id="607545697"/> & [RANT] TheChaosRulerREAD EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU COMMENT!!!
I excuse myself for any swearing and rudeness, but I am done with being polite to him.
No, I won't delete this journal.
He deactivated from DeviantArt and Furaffinity. Please stop messaging me about him.
This drama is old and should die down finally.

Extra Edit: I myself am suffering with depression and Social Phobia since many YEARS, also I have full blown Aspergers. BUT, I NEVER used it as a way to get free art or pity. Instead, I get myself HELP. Depression CAN be cured, so stop with your petty excuses. It angers me so much.
Note: This journal is like the 2nd most viewed thing on my entire account. It has more than 6,000(!) views which is GOOD, because people need to be aware of his ass. I myself don't care how long this journal gets, nor how much v

:iconhalgalaz: and :iconmetaknighta: have had plenty of problems with him as well.
Read the two journals above for their own stories.
They've both been through as much bullshit and I have with this guy.

He once even asked me to draw Halgalaz's characters, along with some other of his 'ex-friends' characters being tortured and decapitated. If that's not a sign of obsession with the people who want nothing to do with him, I have no idea what is.

EDIT - 11/05/16
MORE EVIDENCE ~ :iconmarshalltrap: contacted me, and one of his 'White Knights' is apparently racist and wishing death on the people who've gone against TheChaosRuler.
Evidence; Lmao BlackFoxAsukuraThat guy is actually :iconthechaosruler: "white-knight" and damn, he's back at it again (with the white vans). 
Well, he's a racist, expecially towards French people (See http://comments.deviantart.com/1/606399873/4119362641). He told a friend that we deserved ISIS bombs and that France was rotten. 
"So You must be Necro's dolly! I knew it! Tell her that the white knight or I rather should been named Bandit-Kight Black Fox is comming for her!" 
Do you think i'm scared of a 30 years old guy who thinks DeviantART is where attention whoring is allowed? 
And dolly? Your dear friend harassed at least dozen of people and one of them showed me the drawing of me being decapitated. "but it wasn't you" you'll say. Explain the "My favourite rant art" and "it's my turn now"? 
"And this proves how much evil and  childish person You're! You are immoral, rude and evil person!"
"Then I wish You all children with a degraded minds to be killed by Isis! You trully deser

EDIT 2 - 12/5/16
I've spent most of my morning gathering more evidence against this low-life scum.
(These are all screenshots I've taken on my phone.)

Lemmi explain why that's BULLSHIT by Cynical-Sushi
Now lemmi explain to you why that's horse shit, boy
'I have friends that know I'm not capable of anything heinously bad'
Oh yeah sure. Because asking these 'friends' to draw your 'ex-friends' characters being tortured, mutilated and killed isn't fucking terrible. NOT TO MENTION half of the suicide threats you put in your 'vent arts'.
As well as this, both MarshallTrap can say; HE ASKED BOTH OF US TO 'SHAKE OUR ASSES' OVER A SKYPE CALL TO HIM. If this doesn't say 'perverted sicko' I don't know what does.

'I talked about depression a lot'
You fucking spammed it on almost a daily basis. If I had screenshots of all your bullshit journals, I'd put them here. But instead, I'll show some of your descriptions on your 'vent arts'.
'But that doesn't mean I make death threats.'
Let's take a little look, shall we?
Suicide threat 1  by Cynical-Sushi
1. 'Most of my friends are afraid that I'll end my story soon. Like, Suicide. Not gonna lie that's something I tried doing two years ago and I still think of it.' <- Threatening suicide.
2. 'That shadow thing is depression, the little guy is me. Next to a cliff where it could lead me to death' <- Again, underlying threats of suicide.
3. 'I really want to die. No one will understand how I feel.' <- No only does this scream 'edgy attention whore', but again, suicide threats.

And we have possibly the worst offender of all...
Suicide threat 4 by Cynical-Sushi
If this isn't a fucking suicide threat, I don't know what the fuck is.

'Well I guess this is it. I know no one wants me to go but I really can't keep fighting. I tried to be happy I tried so hard. But I can't keep it up anymore.
I just want you guys to know I love ya, you were the greatest friends I ever had. And I couldn't have been here without my friends.
I'm gonna think about what I'm doing. I still haven't decided.'

I'll be dammed if this isn't an out-right suicide threat.
Last I checked christians didn't hate church. by Cynical-Sushi
'I'm also a Christian'
Well you're a very fucking bad one, considering you've told me countless time on how you wish Halgalaz and many of your other 'ex-friends' would die and 'suffer for what they put you through'.

You have also claimed you hate church. Last time I check, I'm pretty sure Christians didn't hate church. So using your religion as an excuse is a pretty high level of petty bullshit.

And some other screenshots I got <3
    The fuck is this by Cynical-Sushi The fuck is that by Cynical-Sushi  Imaginging ways he could die... ok. by Cynical-Sushi Picture of himself HANGING. by Cynical-Sushi
Screenshot 1 and 2 here are part of the same thing. If that isn't fucked up, then I must be missing something here. Screenshot 3 here is also extremely fucked up, where he lists of ways he imagines himself dying ('poetic metaphor' my ass). And the final screenshot is pretty much another suicide threat. That is not a sona or character. That is HIM. That is a SELF-INSERT SUICIDE PICTURE. Not only could this be triggering to some, but it's fucked up.

EDIT ~ 13/12/16

He hasn't fucking stopped this bullshit charade. Yet ANOTHER person has come forwards and provided more evidence against his BULLSHIT. What I have found out has made me INCREDABLY angry.

:iconheavensbeautiful: has had the unfortunate experience of dealing with this asshole. They were nothing but friendly towards him, and when the truth came to light, he spouted a bunch of abusive text at them and blocked them.
Screenshots of the convo myself and HeavensBeautiful had both yesterday and today;
Bs1 by Cynical-Sushi Bs2 by Cynical-Sushi  Bs3 by Cynical-Sushi

AND INFACT, HERE IS HIS SPOUT OF VERBAL ABUSE TOWARDS THEM. Many thanks to HeavensBeautiful themselves for providing me with this valuable bit of evidence.
Untitled by HeavensBeautiful
He has absolutely no legitimate medical evidence to suggest he actually does suffer from depression. Until I get proof of this personally, he is a fraud and using a mental illness as an excuse for his disgusting behaviour is just sick.


Long story short?
I SICK AND TIRED of this guys bullshit. He uses his quote 'depression' to get free art/requests/art trade off of people, and uses their sympathy to fish for attention and get himself free fucking fetish art.
He's a liar and would only talk to me if he wanted to roleplay fetish, get free art, or talk about his 'depression'.
He would ignore me for days on end, then come back out of the blue and ask for art.
He would often send me and other people suicide threats, as well as posting journals and statuses about how he 'wanted to die' and was 'going to kill himself'. If you pulled him up on a bullshit journal/status, he would delete it after and pretend nothing happened.

My advice to those reading this?


:icondohvakiin2000: :iconwatermelonsaregreen:

And, TheChaosRuler, if you're reading this?
Sort yourself out. This is getting ridiculous. When we were friends, I thought you were an OK guy, and before you started all of this bullshit, I actually enjoyed our conversations. It's too late to turn back everything you've done - you're hurt far too many people - but it's not too late to APOLOGISE and change your ways. I don't guarantee everyone will accept your apology - I certainly wont after some of the things you've said about your 'ex friends'.

How about you grow a pair and face your own problems instead of sending others to do it for you?

-Zombii :peace:

20/12/16 ~ Extra edit

I do not condone of support anything this low-life has done. He is a manipulative, perverted, pathetic, lying scammer, yes. That much is well established. And I, as well as many others, do NOT support this at all. He needs to be taught a lesson.

But those of you making trolling accounts and continuously spamming him, telling him to 'drop dead' and 'kill yourself'?

WE MAKE JOURNALS LIKE THIS FOR A REASON. TO WARN PEOPLE ABOUT HIS BEHAVIOUR. That DOES NOT mean you harass him, send death threats, or tell him to kill himself!! That is the LOWEST of the low! Doing that sort of shit makes you no better than him! I'll admit, I don't like this guy - in fact I'd go as far as saying I hate him after everything he's done to me, my friends, and others. BUT I WOULD NOT AND NEVER WILL SEND DEATH THREATS. THAT IS HUGELY STUPID. You're just going to make yourselves look as pathetic as he is and get yourselves into trouble.
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Cynical-SushiHobbyist General ArtistFeatured
Unless of course, new evidence comes out against him, or he makes a new account.

If you have any new evidence (screenshots) or information about any new account/s, feel free to comment so I can keep this journal updated with relevant information so people know what to look out for.

Thanks <3
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Cynical-SushiHobbyist General ArtistFeatured
Hi for those of you who haven't seen the comment below, I appreciate all your support and spreading the word but please stop commenting. This is really old news now, and I don't like checking my notifs only to find something related to this bad time in my life.

Again, I really do appreciate all your support and spreading the word, so thank you for that! But he's deactivated and I've heard no recent news about this.
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YagiMatsuHobbyist Digital Artist
To be honest, I'm glad you talked up about this. I honestly don't mind fetishes (light ones that aren't sexually related and NOT ones like vore and other disturbing ones), but he did have me do several requests that I was uncomfortable with doing. I didn't like doing those in the first place (drawing the big butts because I am critical on proportions and that's not it), and I should have said no in the first place. I really haven't talked with him at all and do plan to block him so he doesn't cause any shit if he's noticed I haven't replied to him. This is why I don't do fetishes for commissions or art trades, since a lot of people can go way too far with them, unfortunately.

I know this is old, but it's still really helpful to find out!
Cynical-Sushi's avatar
Cynical-SushiHobbyist General Artist
Honestly too much bs had come to light for me to NOT make a journal about it -- and I was speaking to several other people at the time who helped me call this guy out.

I don't mind fetishes at all ('cept yknow, the extreme ones. Like, you can have your vore fetish, just keep it away from me lmao) but it was the fact he was continuously shoving them in my face and demanding I draw them. No one should have to put up with that.

I'm sorry you had to deal with this waste of space, but I'm glad you're planning on blocking him! It's the best option tbh.
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YagiMatsuHobbyist Digital Artist
It's good that they helped you out on calling this sicko out. Also, I was planning to block him but it looks like he deactivated his account. So I guess that worked out better in that case.
And yeah, same. It's okay to have a fetish, but no one, and I repeat, NO ONE should force it on other people to draw them it. It's just disgusting and wrong.
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Looks like it's too late to apologise
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Cynical-SushiHobbyist General ArtistFeatured
Hello all who are currently reading. Just thought I'd post a little comment here -- this journal is really, REALLY old now. Back from 2016.

I have no idea what this guy is like now, and I don't care to know. I haven't spoken or heard from him for roughly 2 years now, and I'd never like to hear from him again.

I appreciate all your comments and the fact that you've all helped spread the word about him, but this is old news now. Like I said, I have no idea what he's like now, and I don't care to know. I'd very much like to put this unpleasant time in my life behind me!

Thank you!
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Cor-pusStudent Digital Artist
sweet mother of yikes. I really hope he gets some mental help because he seems very unhinged and has a lot of problems. Very sad.
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Cynical-SushiHobbyist General Artist
Yup. This journal is pretty old now, and I haven't spoken to the dude in over a year, so idk what he's like now. But when I knew him he was a total scumbag.
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VEN1ASHobbyist Digital Artist
It seems like he's deactivated his account
Cynical-Sushi's avatar
Cynical-SushiHobbyist General Artist
Perhaps people finally started to notice and he got reported enough times for it to be taken down. I hope so. Though he has pulled the 'deactivate/move to another account' move before.
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StrawberryStar123Student General Artist
Let's Hope He Doen't Do The Same Things To My Characters!
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He sounds unstable. Someone should really refer him to a psychologist.

Fetish art, disturbing fantasies about torturing people he disagrees with (using their OCs as proxies), and other cringe-worthy behavior problems? These are all things that Chris-chan (the guy who created Sonichu) was known for before he went insane. Intervention might be necessary, before this Chaos guy goes down the same road.
Xentrick-The-Creeper's avatar
I won't be surprise if this guy IS Chris Chan 
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ImtheauraStudent General Artist
Fetish art in itself is fine as long as nobody pushes ME into making any. However the other things are horrible.
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Cynical-SushiHobbyist General Artist
He claimed he'd already seen a 'doctor', and repeated claims of false mental illnesses he had no official diagnosis of. None the less, he is not my problem, and I wish nothing more to do with him. I tried interventions numerous times before when we were 'friends' - he always promised he would 'change' and never did.
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Hopefully people are not sending him death threats and just blocking him.
I mean as much of a awful person he is; sending death threats is wrong.
Cynical-Sushi's avatar
Cynical-SushiHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I know there was a few troll accounts going around but I think they're gone now. I REALLY dont like the guy, but death threats are the lowest of thr low.
NightSilverChelly's avatar
Mmhm; that's good to hear.
I mean I heard alot (and I do mean alot) of bad things about Chaosrulers however sending death threats is really low.
It just does nothing at all and honestly you can get into trouble for it.
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Cynical-SushiHobbyist General Artist
Yup. Had to update this since someone he's 'friends' with watched me recently.
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Thats a shame. just frustrating about a false mental illness.
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Cynical-SushiHobbyist General ArtistFeatured
It sucks that this is one of the most viewed journals, since every time I get a favourite on this is just brings back bad memories. But I also know that the more favourites I get, the more the word is spreading about this asshole.

I've decided to update this every now and again for new watchers.
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