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Simpsons Curse of a Mother Wolf's Howl(read decri)

I Don't Draw Fetish Art Stamp by SmoothCriminalGirl16
This is another Treehouse of Horror idea of mine.

The Simpson family make friends with a group of hunter except of course Lisa. one day they go on a hunting trip and poor Lisa was forced to come due to the fact they had none to babysit her. There was a new law in Springfield that prohibited leaving a child under the age of 12 home alone. They went out hunting  for something specific...wolves..They were overpopulated and had to controlled.  
Lisa stood beside them completely consumed by stress and fear. they spot 3 small wolves and shoots them. Lisa screams and :cries:. Though she knows it has to be done, it still hurt her to witness such acts.
What they didn't know was those wolves were pups. The mother returns to find her pups dead. Note this wolf is not an average wolf, she is much larger than an average wolf and was a witches pet. In turn she had some witch's powers.
The wolf watches the Simpson family leaving the hunter's rifles in their hands (except for Lisa). The mother wolf knew they were responsible for the death of her pups, she also knew Lisa was innocent. As Lisa was about to get into the car, the mother wolf took control of her mind and forced her to go back into the forest while her family left her. Lisa stops in front of the mother wolf. Mother wolf knew the best way to the guilty feel their guilt was the punish the innocent. The mother wolf explains her situation to Lisa... Lisa is horrified to know those were pups. The wolf finally curses Lisa.

OK if you had some trouble understanding what happened between the wolf and Lisa, her are their lines before and during the curse.

Lisa: What... what is this?
Mother wolf: Hello little girl.
Mother wolf: I am Hiloh, I am the mother of those 3 pups you family so savagely killed.
Lisa: Those.. those were pups?! My dear god (I mean Buddha) that makes things much worse! :(
Mother wolf: I know it difficult, but sadly it is the truth,
Lisa: I'm... I'm so sorry for your loss.. :cry:
Mother wolf: I know,I also know you're innocent.
Lisa: Tha-...thank you...
Mother wolf: I would say you welcome, but you family's actions cannot go unpunished, and I doubt cursing them is going to help.
Lisa: Cursing them? And why wouldn't it work?
Mother: (laughs) Oh my dear young girl, I am a witches pet and I share some of her powers. As for the curse, the guilty do not feel guilt as strongly unless you-
Lisa: Punish the innocent...
Mother wolf: Exactly, you're a smart child.
Lisa: Thank you, but dose this mean I have to...
Mother wolf: Unfortunately yes...
Lisa: :(

Wolf mother : Your family must pay for what they have done!! (The mother curses Lisa) By the light of Luna and the midnight prowler you will be transformed into the wild howler!!
 Lisa suddenly fell down onto her hands a knees as the transformation begins. She begins to glow a bright yellow. The glow is so bright,you can only see her basic shape. Her shape shifts from human to wolf.
As Lisa began to lose consciousness, she heard one last thing the wolf told her.

Mother wolf: By day until midnight you are the child of Simpson, but by midnight no matter the Luna's phase you will become a wolf.  By that time you are my child. By dawn you will return to human. This curse can only be broken when all of your family (who participated in the hunt)
come to me, apologizes and asks for forgiveness. 

Lisa falls 


Note: This art is NOT fetish. I don not even know how my art gets mixed into to that... This is TREEHOUSE OF HORROR, NOT some kind of sexual fetish!! I do not even draw fetish.
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Meh, they should have just told the ATF about the wolves, they pretty much shoot anything that moves. :D…

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interesting concept I agree with you this doesn,t sound like a fetish at all have you ever seen mlp fim lisa looks like she,s got a saxphone cutie mark on her side lol
cyngawolf's avatar
The saxophone "mark" on wolf Lisa is not a cutie mark, it is a symbol of one of the things she is most recognized by. It is one of the few things the mother wolf left on Lisa other than her haircut and pearl necklace, Hiloh did this so maybe her (Lisa's) family can recognize her since she cannot speak in her wolf form (Unlike Hiloh, who is a talking wolf).
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oh okay thanks for clearing that up

keep up the good work I love your art and concepts around it